4 reasons why you need a mattress protector In Pakistan

Mattrress Protector

A mattress protector may be the most important accessory you need for your mattress. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what a mattress protector is for. Many times the first thing people tell me when I bring it up while buying a mattress is that they “don’t need it.” 

Perhaps because they do not want to spend more money just after making a serious purchase, perhaps because they think that this is for those who wet the bed, without stopping to think that there are other fluids that the human body produces. The truth is that it still shocks me a bit to see how many people sleep without a mattress protector. So let’s see, what does a mattress protector do?

What does a mattress protector do?

A mattress protector does 4 things:

  1. Keeps the mattress clean . Mattresses can get very dirty over time. We all sweat at night. We all produce oil with our feet. Some use makeup or creams. We all leave dead cells. And there are “other activities” that produce fluids and can stain the bed. All of this can wet the sheet and carry over to the mattress. Once it reaches the mattress, even if it is very little, it is almost impossible to remove it from the mattress. A mattress protector prevents any of these things from reaching your mattress and can be removed and washed as often as you like.
  2. Keeps the mattress “like new” for a longer period of time . Perspiration or sweating (or any liquid like a little coffee) make the foams of the mattress shrink, shortening its comfort. Something similar to what happens to a kitchen sponge when you use it for a long time. Although only a little liquid has passed through, after the years it shows. You will need to change mattresses sooner than if you use a protector.
  3. Helps prevent mite allergy symptoms . The allergy to dust mites is very common nowadays and can lead to snoring, stuffy nose, asthma and shortness of breath. Mites feed on dead skin and if you don’t use protector there will be dead skin on your mattress.
  4. Help protect your warranty . As I have mentioned before, a stain is not covered under warranty. Even if the stain has nothing to do with the reason you are claiming the warranty, it can still be a problem.

For all these reasons, everyone needs a mattress protector.

Mattress protector or mattress topper

A mattress protector is different than a mattress topper. Mattress toppers usually add an extra layer to the mattress and are not waterproof. The mattress protectors are thin, do not change the feel of the mattress, and protect it from liquids. If you buy the correct mattress you don’t need a mattress topper, it would be more convenient to use the thin, waterproof layer of a mattress protector.

Types of mattress protectors

There are several types of mattress protectors. The best mattress protectors for bedding have some type of high-performance material on the surface to suppress heat and moisture from the body. These are usually the most expensive but are usually the best for people who sweat during the night. They are waterproof and breathable. 

Another type of protector is one that is waterproof and breathable but does not have a high-performance material on the surface. These are usually a little cheaper but have almost the same properties as the more expensive ones. An example of this type would be the Pure Cotton protector.

The cheapest type of protector is those with more plastic. Therefore, they tend to be less breathable and last less time, which is why they are cheaper.

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