Fitted bed sheets in Pakistan – What they are?

fitted bedsheets in pakistan

A fitted bed sheet is pretty underestimated in the bedroom and many Pakistani people don’t think about it seriously. A fitted bed sheet plays a bigger role in getting a good night’s sleep than we think. A bed sheet that is too big and slipping or made of uncomfortable material can cost us several hours of sleep. A good fitted sheet not only protects the mattress but also has an enormous influence on the design of the bedroom and the way we sleep. 

In our guide we clarify all questions about fitted bed sheets; We list the standard dimensions, explain the advantages and disadvantages of various materials and show you how best to clean fitted bedsheets and then fold them together so that they provide a crease-free basis for a restful sleep when used. Explore fitted bed sheets price in Pakistan.

Fitted bed sheet vs. sheet

The traditional version of a textile mattress cover is the bed sheet – a rectangular piece of cloth that is wrapped around the mattress. With a fitted bedsheet, the annoying fiddling of the fabric around the edges of the mattress is no longer necessary: ​​it is equipped with elastic bands at the corners and can therefore be easily pulled over. A fitted sheet also has the advantage that it is tighter than a sheet. It is well attached by the elastic bands and can hardly slip.

Which material for fitted bed sheets?

fitted bedsheets in pakistan
fitted bed sheets in Pakistan

Nowadays fitted sheets are made from a wide variety of materials. Often stretchable fabrics are used that nestles perfectly against the mattress. The stretch component means that ironing is unnecessary and the bed always looks crease-free and freshly made. However, the material also has an influence on individual comfort when lying down and sleeping – after all, feeling good on the skin is the alpha and omega. An overview.

Jersey fitted sheets

Jersey describes a soft, elastic material made of viscose, wool, silk, or cotton. The fabric feels particularly supple and is very absorbent and breathable. It is the most popular material for fitted sheets because it is very easy to care for: it does not have to be ironed and is easy to handle.

Seersucker fitted sheets

Seersucker, cotton fabric with a crinkle look, is also iron-free. Smooth and gathered strips of fabric alternate and give plain-colored fitted sheets a decorative character. Due to the larger surface structure, seersucker feels particularly soft and allows the air to circulate well.

Silk and linen fitted sheets

The natural fibers silk and linen promote a refreshing sleep experience, both are known for their cooling properties. Fitted sheets made of silk or linen are not elastic and have a natural wrinkle look. A mixed fabric made from both natural fibers combines their good properties and is also relatively easy to care for.

Mako satin fitted sheets

Compared to conventional satin, Mako-Satin has a less slippery feel, but it also shines beautifully. The material is as popular for bed linen as it is for fitted sheets and looks particularly elegant in the bedroom.

Beaver bed fitted sheet

Cotton fibers are specially processed for a beaver bed sheet so that a particularly fluffy textile is created. It has a warming effect and is particularly popular in children’s rooms. Only a sheet with a teddy look is even more cuddly.

Terrycloth fitted sheets

A special weaving technique – the yarn is woven in loops on one side fitted sheets made of terrycloth have a particularly large surface. It is similar to the material beaver but is less cuddly.

Which fitted bed sheet for which season?

Everyone has to try out whether a fabric feels good on the skin – some people find the rough surface of a linen cloth pleasant, others may find it scratchy and prefer to use a fitted sheet made of smooth, shiny satin. The different materials also have properties that have seasonal advantages depending on the season. Natural fibers such as silk, linen, thin cotton, and Mako satin are ideal in summer because they have a cooling effect. If you freeze quickly, prefer flannel, beaver, or terrycloth – three materials that are cozy, soft, and warm.

The perfect fit: Fitted bed sheet dimensions

Fitted Bed Sheets Measurement
Fitted Bed Sheets Measurement

The Fitted sheets are available for single beds in the standard sizes of 90 x 200 cm or 100 x 200 cm, for double beds in 140 x 200 cm or 160 x 200 cm. They are cut to a mattress height of 25 to 30 centimeters. If you have an over-high mattress, you also have to pay attention to the right fitted sheets, otherwise not only the covering becomes a nuisance. If the sheet does not fit perfectly, the mattress will deform or the cover will come off over the course of the night.

Fitted bed sheets dimension
Fitted bed sheets’ dimension

Protective covers and fitted bed sheets for box spring beds

Special mattress systems require special fitted sheets. Box spring beds are usually equipped with toppers with a height of up to ten centimeters, for which there are separate covers. Because they are less stable due to their small thickness, elastic topper covers are usually cut a little larger, so that they lie well on the one hand, but the mattress does not deform. Firmer toppers can also be covered with standard sheets.

Washing sheets

Nothing is nicer than snuggling into the freshly made bed after a hard day! How often you change your bed clothes depends on how much you sweat at night. As a rule, however, the bed should be re-made every two to three weeks. It is best to wash the fitted sheet together with the rest of the bed linen.

The material determines the wash cycle: microfiber usually only tolerates low temperatures, and natural fibers can be washed at 60 ° C without any problems. When buying, you should make sure that cleaning is possible at high temperatures so that the fitted sheet is really hygienically clean, i.e. also cleaned from bacteria – 60 ° C is sufficient for this. Only those who have been sick should wash their bed linen once at 90 ° C.

Most sheets can be ironed easily. If you want to save yourself the hassle, it is best to use non-iron materials such as fleece, jersey, beaver, or satin. Linen sheets even look particularly nice when they are wrinkled.

How to fold the fitted sheets: tips for folding them up correctly

Folding the fitted bed sheets
Folding the fitted bed sheets

So that the bed sheet does not take up too much space in the closet and wrinkle in the process, we have a few tips for correct folding.

1. Fold up immediately after drying – this prevents the sheet from wrinkling.
2. Ironing and folding: If you do the job of ironing your bed sheet, you can fold it up right away. This enables a particularly space-saving folding result.
3. Pillowcase trick: a proven method to save space in the linen cupboard! The duvet cover and fitted sheet are folded up as small as possible and stowed in a pillowcase. This also has the advantage that everything is together for the next change of linen.

The challenge is particularly great when folding fitted sheets. The elastic band makes it practically impossible to fold the textile properly. It’s very easy with a simple trick: First put the neighboring corners together, shake them out and then fold them together on a large table in the middle of the straight edge without an elastic band.

Find Fitted Bedsheets In Pakistan

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