The best ideas for wall design in the kitchen

how to decor kitchen wall

An optimal wall design in the kitchen radiates pleasant sensuality and brings the look and feel-good character of the room to the fore. There are many different options available for implementation, which can be adapted to your own living style and preferences. Here you will find some nice examples of wall design in the kitchen and you can also read about what to look out for.

Design kitchen walls

In order to design kitchen walls, a planned procedure is advisable so that a tasteful and satisfactory result can be achieved. The local conditions of the room are also noteworthy criteria and should be taken into account in the concept.
Design work is much easier to implement in an empty kitchen than, for example, in a fitted kitchen installed. Often the relief does not arise, however, since fixed furniture is already part of many kitchens and is less frequently replaced. On the other hand, this can also be an advantage in the ideal coordination between kitchen walls and kitchen furniture. When doing the wall design, there may be obstacles in terms of space that you should plan for.

Depending on the planned effort, careful preparation is of course one of the basics that are required at the beginning. This includes putting away food standing around and covering existing fixed kitchen elements to protect them.
In small kitchens, wall design can be a real challenge. Since necessary kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances require a great deal of space, little free wall space remains for design. But it is possible to turn even small kitchens into a room with an aesthetic and airy effect.

Generous kitchen rooms or open kitchens are usually less complicated when implementing an adequate wall design. But you also deserve nicely and appropriately designed kitchen walls.

Wall design in the kitchen with paints and wallpaper

There is often talk of striving for a sensual wall design in the kitchen. The background to this is to whet the appetite, make you want to cook and invite you to linger – provided the room has an integrated dining area. You can influence these demands very well with wall paint or wallpaper and make your kitchen area a place of well-being.

There are beautiful pattern wallpapers for the kitchen, some of which are washable and therefore very hygienic. You can even improve the effectiveness of the room with certain decorations. Wallpaper with vertical stripes, for example, stretches at a low room height. These also come into their own as an eye-catcher wallpapered on a kitchen wall. Small kitchens usually do not tolerate lavish or extensive patterns. You would overload the room atmosphere and appear overwhelming. Subtle designs are the better choice here.
Strong wall colors – such as fresh green, bright yellow, energizing red or appetizing orange – are a nice addition to the kitchen fronts or the tiled mirror. For wall design in small kitchens, however, the use of intensive wall colors should be chosen with care. Suitable solutions for this are, for example, combined colors that come across as ‘tone in tone’ or the use of pastel colors. Dark kitchen furniture comes to life with lighter walls, while light furniture fronts can also handle slightly darkened wall colors. In this way, you can achieve a balanced room atmosphere even in a narrow kitchen.

Extra tip: Wall paint is also available as blackboard paint or magnetic paint that you can apply to a selected wall surface. There is space for recipes or your shopping lists or you can use them for decorative hand lettering.

Existing tiles are often a nuisance when they no longer fit into the color concept. You can beautify these by DIY with foil or paint and thus complete the wall design in your kitchen.

Harmony: stylishly combine the kitchen with wall design

The perfect interplay between furniture design and wall design brings the kitchen to life in all the positive senses. Therefore, harmonious coordination of all components is more than recommended, especially since this is beneficial to the desired style of living.
Kitchen furniture made of wood is extremely popular and goes well with many wall designs. Nevertheless, the wood colors and stylistic designs are noteworthy. The popular country house style, for example, complements perfectly with fresh or comfortable wall colors such as green, blue or beige. A lively pink, on the other hand, would be out of place and would be much better off in a modern style kitchen.
Modern kitchen furnishings are often found in white or bold colors. You like clear, colored wall designs, which can be accentuated. A playful pattern wallpaper is also possible here, which is attached to a wall as an eye-catcher – using one or two strips of wallpaper.

If you want to equip your kitchen with a more neutral wall design, you should avoid overly expressive patterns and use achromatic colors, such as shades of gray or off-white.

Useful and attractive decoration for kitchen walls

Pretty decorations on kitchen walls can make a kitchen cozy, but should not be too exaggerated so that the room is not cluttered and there is enough space for necessary utensils. If the kitchen decoration on the wall also has a functional use, it combines all desirable aspects.
Open shelves exude something homely and offer themselves to arrange the most beautiful kitchen utensils in a visible way. Fresh herb pots or small kitchen beds in bowls bring appetizing aesthetics to the kitchen and are even space-saving as wall designs.

Also very functional and decorative are cutting wooden boards on the wall, which spread a natural kitchen flair and are therefore always within reach.
Useful wall hooks that are often used in the kitchen don’t have to be unsightly either, because they are available in many attractive designs. Decorative illuminated lettering is very popular when it comes to decorating kitchen walls, which can also function as an additional light source in the kitchen.

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