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7 Best Ideas for the perfect dining room interior

dinning room decor

In this way, you can turn the dining room into a place of well-being and the focus of your home Sure, a dining room needs a table and chairs. So far so good. But what actually makes a dining room a place of well-being and the focus of our apartment? We asked around for you and asked furniture […]

Table runner recommendations – simple way to make tables festive

table runner price pakistan my home decor

What is a table runner? A table runner is a kind of narrow tablecloth. In contrast to traditional tablecloths, a table runner does not cover the entire table. The table runner is usually placed in the middle of the table. It can be placed either in the length or width of the table. Table runners are primarily used […]

Design the perfect dinning room decor in Pakistan

Dinning room decor

For most families, the dining room is a central place in everyday life. Here, time is deliberately spent with the family and eaten together. There is nothing wrong with being up-to-date when it comes to furnishing the dining room and furnishing the room with the latest trends! Why are dining room tables in demand and why […]