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New tile trends for the modern bathroom

bathroom tile trend

From the wet room to the wellness oasis – the bathroom is changing The bathroom as a separate room in which you can bathe, shower, wash and freshen up is still very new from a historical perspective. At the beginning of the 20th century only a small percentage of houses had a bathroom. This room, known as […]

Bathroom lighting: this is how professionals plan bathroom lighting

bathroom decor light

Light in the bathroom has to meet a number of requirements: in the morning you need it bright and stimulating, for a full bath in the evening it should be gentle and atmospheric, but you also need the right bathroom lighting for applying makeup. In addition, where moisture and electricity meet, additional safety precautions must be […]

The right bath tub for every bathroom

Bath Room Decor

The size of the bathtub is largely determined by the dimensions of the bathroom. The variety of shapes of bathtubs allows you to find the ideal bathtub for your bathing comfort. Choose from oval, square, slightly rounded, free-standing bathtubs or corner bathtubs in a wide variety of designs. Individual bathing pleasure – matching bathtub Your bathroom should be an […]