Table Cloth As A Decoration in Pakistan

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The table cloth has undergone a significant change in meaning and uses over the past centuries. Just as modern people know and use the tablecloth today, our ancestors did not yet know home textiles. At the very beginning of the history of the tablecloth, it was only intended for cleaning hands and mouth after a meal. Our ancestors did not know hygiene or decoration at the table. Since the 13th century, table linen has had a long development up to the valuable models that were considered a noble luxury in the 19th century. Since then, the tablecloth has served several purposes: It is used for table hygiene, presentation, and table decoration.

Valuable decorations for the table

Table cloths have a more decorative function. They are often used in addition to table cloths and emphasize and decorate a plain-colored table cloth with attractive narrow runners. With high-quality embroidery, selvages, or textile printing, the noble table runners are popular decorations. They are not located under the dining areas, but optically complement the beautifully laid table when placed in the middle of the tablecloth.

The good housewife knows very well that white tablecloths with stains, even a stain, are not suitable for festive meals. The table cloth can save the situation and hide the bad stain. It is better to use a new tablecloth on special occasions. But when it comes to sociable evenings, the old tablecloth with a beautiful table band is suitable. 

Table cloth for fine table

Fine table cloths can be supplemented with matching damask table cloths. Fine embroidery or elegant selvages are often an additional decorative element on the table runners. Woven images can emphasize the table runners very nicely without looking too colorful. Tone-on-tone combinations are elegant, a salmon-colored table runner looks very discreet on a rose-colored tablecloth. Bleu and turquoise or aqua and green also work well as colors for a perfectly styled tablecloth with a table runner.

Table cloth as a decoration. What is it and how do you deal with it?

The table cloths are narrow strips of fabric that are placed along with the table, in the middle over a tablecloth, or straight on the tabletop. Modern table cloths are used for table decoration, but they also have other advantages. For example, they protect the tablecloth or tabletop against stains, so the runners are placed on the table in such a way that cutlery can be placed on them and vases of flowers and fruit can be placed on them.

Wedding table cloths are common on the wedding table. But they became popular and are gradually coming into our kitchens. The table runner is a narrow band made of the beautiful noble fabric that is used as table decoration. You can put one or more table runners on a table to divide the tablespace.

Table cloth. Right length

The decoration looks harmonious when the table runner matches the tablecloth. The following rule of thumb applies: the runner does not use more than half the table.  

How long does a table runner have to be? It’s a matter of taste. There are several variants here. You can use a long and short overhang. The overhang is not mandatory at all. The table runner as a decoration can be placed inside the tabletop. 

It is advisable to use narrow table cloths with a width of up to 40 cm for large tables. In this case, you buy 3-4 pieces to zone the table. One zone is intended for one person, which ensures the guests’ individual space.

Four tips for choosing a color of table cloth

When choosing the tablecloth and the table cloth, one depends on the style and the color accents in the kitchen. Here are four tips for color combinations that will make your kitchen charming and appealing:

• Table cloths in white, crème, beige are versatile. They fit almost any tablecloth. Bright variants look ideal and festive in any style. You can use them for festive and everyday meals.  

•  Table cloths in green and blue have a relaxing and calming effect. You embody nature. The cold colors reduce the appetite and harmonize. If you are planning a quiet evening use this color palette.

Table cloths in red and yellow look completely different. They ensure a positive mood, good appetite, and sociability, and encourage conversation. These variations tell guests that they are happy to see them. 

•  The combinations of blue and terracotta, white and dark gray, white and blue, red and white, red and black look unusual and impressive. But do not use more than three colors together, otherwise, the table can look too colorful.

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