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sofa covers

You actually like your living room a lot, but the green sofa somehow no longer fits into the room since you redecorated it a few weeks ago. Instead of green, you would like a light color like cream or light gray. But since you don’t want to buy a new sofa, you can cover it with a matching sofa cover in the color of your choice. You like that much better. And the good thing about it: With the fresh covers, the couch looks almost like new again. You can find more information about sofa covers here.

Sofa cover advantages

A sofa bed is a fabric cover that can be pulled completely over a couch. This allows you to redesign your sofa quickly and easily and give it a new look in the living room. The elastic covers can be easily attached and removed again and can be washed in the washing machine if necessary. The couch covers are also suitable for protecting your seating furniture from dirt and wear and tear. This is especially beneficial if you have pets or young children. Are there stains on the cover? Just peel it off and put it in the washing machine.

How to find the right sofa cover

Sofa covers give your seating furniture a new look. If you want to get such a cover, you should pay attention to a few criteria such as material, dimensions, or accessories. You can find more information here.

Sofa Cover material and feel

Most sofa covers are made of high-quality cotton. The elastane contained in it ensures that the covers stretch nicely and adapt to the sofa. In addition to smooth designs, there are also models with ruffled and corrugated surfaces. When choosing the material, your personal skin feels also decides whether you prefer to sit on a smooth or cozy surface.

Sofa cover dimensions and size

The practical fabric covers are available for 2 and 3-seater sofas as well as for corner models. Measure your sofa and note the width and height of the backrest, the height of the armrests, the depth of the entire sofa, and, if necessary, the length of the ottoman or chaise longue. Compare the dimensions determined in this way with the information in the respective product description. Here you can find information about which sofa size the cover is suitable for.

Sofa cover accessories and fastening

Thanks to the elastane content in the material, the sofa covers are already snug and tight. To ensure that the cover is also wrinkle-free, there are matching foam strips that you can press into the upholstery joint between the backrest and seat and into the side upholstery joints between the armrests and the seat. As a result, the cover sits like a custom-made product and stays in the upholstery joint.

The sofa cover fits your style

Sofa covers can change the look of your seating furniture quickly and easily. Is your living room more modern and your old sofa no longer fits in with it? Or would you like to completely redesign the room in a country house style? We’ll show you which covers match your style of living.

Country house style

In the country house style, the colors can be both subtle and more conspicuous. Sofa covers in natural colors such as brown or ocher go well with this. Covers in various shades of green or red are also suitable. A warm burgundy color, for example, goes well with a light, cream-colored carpet. In addition to natural colors, there are also great patterns in the country house style such as checks or stripes that can be found on the covers.

Modern living style

Sofa covers in clear colors such as white or black fit into a living room with a modern interior. Variants in anthracite or different shades of gray as well as mottled covers are also suitable for this clean and reduced look. The good thing about it: stains and hair are less noticeable on mottled covers.

Scandi style of living

In the Scandi style of living there are mainly light, delicate colors that are very restrained. Pastel colors like blue and rose are good for sofa covers in a Scandi living room. Light gray tones, cream-white, or mint green also underline the Nordic furnishing style. Combine the simple covers with patterned decorative pillows with graphic jagged patterns or a wave design.

Four care tips: This is how you clean sofa covers

Crumbs, dust, and stains – a lot can accumulate on sofa covers over time. The following four tips will show you how to get the covers clean again.

  1. Follow the care instructions on the manufacturer’s product label.
  2. You can remove crumbs and dust with the upholstery of the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Most sofa covers can be washed in the washing machine at 30 ° C if they are stained.
  4. Then simply let it dry on the rotary clothes dryer or, if the material allows, put it in the dryer.

Conclusion: This is how to couch cover beautifies your living room

Couch covers ensure that not only your sofa but also your entire living room is visually upgraded – and that with just a few simple steps, true to the motto “Small effort, big effect”. The important information about the covers can be found here once again:

  • Sofa covers are suitable as protective covers for your seating furniture, as they protect them from wear and tear and dirt. You can also use it to give your sofa a new look.
  • Note the size and choose a variant for 2- or 3-seater as well as for corner sofas. Pay attention to the measurements and compare them with the measurements you have taken.
  • Covers with a percentage of elastane adapt well to the shapes. So that the cover is wrinkle-free, there are foam strips that can be pressed into the upholstery joints.
  • Sofa covers in natural colors or with a checked pattern go well with the country house style, clear colors such as white, black, or mottled fabrics look modern, and pastel colors are suitable for the Scandi style.

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