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Shower curtain as a splash guard and decorative accessory

Your day begins in the bathroom. Some have a large bathroom with the morning sun shining brightly through the window, while others have limited space. Ideas are needed. You can get them online at My Home Decor. Just let yourself be inspired on the website and find shower curtains that fit your bathroom interior perfectly. With a functional design and a clear choice of colors, you create a pleasant atmosphere that puts you in a good mood in the morning and relaxes you in the evening. Your bathroom becomes a space miracle with plenty of space for towels and cosmetics and a bathtub with a curtain that becomes a wellness oasis.

Design elements in the bathroom

A bathroom is a complex space that has to accommodate many functions. Dimensions and basic structures are usually specified. If there is no window, lighting, and ventilation also play a crucial role. With a vanity unit and a narrow shelf, you can create storage space for cosmetics, towels, and other utensils such as bathroom scales or analysis scales. A tall mirror cabinet reflects the light and visually expands the space. With a shower curtain, you install a splash guard, visually divide the area and ensure a bit of privacy. The shower thus becomes an independent area that can be used separately if two people share the bathroom in the morning or in the evening. If you want to get a size in the room, it is best to choose white as the color for the curtain. You can also opt for a different color or choose a pattern. With a textile material such as polyester, you set a homely accent that you can emphasize with a bathroom rug.

A functional variety of materials

Materials in the bathroom are exposed to great stress. Permanently high humidity and splashing water must be withstood without developing mold, curling, or other excessive wear and tear. All materials used in the bathroom must be easy to clean in order to meet hygienic standards. Plastics have proven particularly useful. In particular, the focus is on the textile equipment: it must be washable and dry quickly. While cotton is ideal for towels, you have to find a shower curtain for the bath and shower that dries particularly quickly, is anti-mold, and is easy to care for. Polyester has many advantages over pure plastic:

  • the curtain is more flexible
  • Water is kept out well
  • Polyester curtains come in many colors and patterns
  • it is easy to care for
  • it is cheap to buy

Polyester retains its color even after prolonged use. You can attach it to straight and curved rails with rings or hooks. A textile shower curtain can be drawn quickly and easily. What is usually bulky with plastic variants is no longer necessary.

Bathtub curtain – criteria for purchase

Before you decide on a shower curtain or a bathtub curtain, you should clarify three questions

  • What dimensions should your curtain have?
  • Would you like to buy a textile shower curtain or a plastic curtain?
  • What color should your shower curtain be?

You should know that while polyester is water repellent, it is not waterproof. A plastic curtain keeps water out better. Be sure to pay attention to the finish of the material. You need a fabric that is antibacterial and has an anti-mold effect. The attachment is also important: Do rings, eyelets, or hooks hold the protective curtain? Is it easy to move even when wet and can the carrier rail be attached perfectly? This is especially true if you are looking for a variant for your bathtub. A damp or even wet textile curtain increases significantly in weight. The rail and ceiling attachment have to withstand this. It is best to choose the color according to the overall equipment. White is perfect as it maintains neutrality while still visually helping to expand the range.

Challenge: increased humidity in the bathroom

The bathroom is a room that has to compensate for permanently increased humidity. The materials should be chosen to be robust and, above all, mold-resistant. Ventilation should be structurally guaranteed. Your textile shower curtain must meet these requirements. In order to avoid mold stains and mold, proper use is also important. This includes adequate drying after showering. You can easily achieve this with polyester & co by opening the shower curtain after the shower so that it is evenly ventilated in all places and can dry well. Since a textile shower curtain is washable, you should wash it regularly following the manufacturer’s instructions. In this way, you reduce the formation of harmful germs. Pay attention to the information, because the fabric is usually specially impregnated,

For the care of shower and bath curtains

A shower and bath curtain are usually washable. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. The highly functional textiles have a special finish that not only ensures the radiance of the colors but also guarantees that the anti-mold coating is retained. Mishandling may affect the water-repellent or waterproof function. After washing, your bathtub curtain should dry thoroughly. To do this, simply open it up to its full size. By washing regularly you ensure hygienic conditions. If you don’t have a window in the bathroom, you can also dry your shower curtain outdoors. It can be useful to always have a clean bath and shower curtain in reserve. You can choose it in the same design so that your color concept is white,

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