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Washing Machine Covers

If the washing machine is in the bathroom and is often in use, it can spoil the attractive appearance of the bathroom. The lid is often scratched and shows dirt that simply cannot be removed. Although the washing machine emphasizes the functional aspect, it does not have to be an “eyesore”. With a washing machine cover, the simple washing machine quickly becomes an eye-catcher that adapts to the design and colors of the bathroom. The washing machine cover impresses with its function and design.

Machine Covers

With a washing machine cover, the lid is protected and dirt or scratches don’t stand a chance. The washing machine cover can be selected variably and fits all common models. A white washing machine cover is visually appealing, has a neutral effect, and fits into any bathroom. With a white washing machine cover, the washing machine can be protected and small decorative items can be safely stored. Detergent or fabric softener can be conveniently placed on the washing machine because the washing machine cover ensures a secure hold without slipping.

Once the washing machine cover gets dirty, this is not a problem because it is easy to care for. Simply wash in the conventional program at 30-40 degrees and the washing machine cover shines white again with a clean shine. Anyone who wants a little color in the bathroom will find a suitable alternative with a red washing machine cover. The red washing machine cover provides a highlight that stands out wonderfully from the otherwise drab washing machine.

The red washing machine cover is a real eye-catcher that immediately puts you in a good mood, even when the laundry is waiting. In contrast to the red washing machine cover, the purple washing machine cover impresses with its noble elegance. The extraordinary color immediately catches the eye and fits perfectly in bathrooms that do well with purple accents.

The purple washing machine cover not only looks beautiful, but just like the red washing machine cover or the white washing machine cover, it ensures a washing machine that stands out from the mainstream.

A washing machine cover adapts perfectly to the lid. The washing machine cover stays in the right place thanks to elastic straps and does not slip. Therefore, utensils can easily find space on the washing machine itself. The washing machine cover is available in different materials. For example, terrycloth or polyester are hard-wearing materials that retain their shape and appearance over the long term. A washing machine cover impresses with the interplay of design and function. Each washing machine cover can be easily pulled on and off again.

Once opened, the washing machine cover stays in the desired position and does not slip. The numerous colors and materials create color variety. Due to the low price, a washing machine cover can be bought in different colors. There is no easier way to optically beautify your own bathroom than with a washing machine cover.

If the washing machine cover matches the colors of the bathroom, the washing machine is hardly noticeable. Anyone who likes to set accents with colors can quickly add color accents to the bathroom with a red or purple washing machine cover. If the washing machine is not in the bathroom but in the basement, the washing machine cover serves as a useful protection against dirt from dust, etc. The washing machine cover also prevents the cover from being disfigured by scratches.

Even an older model can quickly become a more attractive model with a washing machine cover. The washing machine cover convinces with its easy care as well as with its variable design. Even sample motifs are available for the washing machine cover. So everyone can find a washing machine cover that meets their own needs and protects the washing machine. Whether a washing machine cover white, a washing machine covered red, or a washing machine covered purple.

What is a top loader?

A top loader is a compact washing machine that loads from the top instead of the front. For this purpose, the laundry drum has an opening at the top through which the laundry can be easily inserted.

What are the advantages of a top loader?

The biggest advantage of a top loader is the small footprint. Unlike a conventional washing machine, you do not need to calculate additional space to open the front door. As a result, such washing machines also fit into small apartments without their own laundry room. In addition, filling and emptying the drum from above is easier than from the side.

For whom is a top loader suitable?

Top loaders are particularly suitable for households of singles and couples whose weekly laundry load does not exceed 5 to 8 kg. Older people and people with back problems benefit from the convenient loading from above, which is possible without bending down.

How wide are top loaders?

Top loaders are between 40 and 45 cm wide, which is narrower than most washing machines. The height is around 90 cm, while the housings are 60 to 65 cm deep. At 50 to 60 kg, top loaders are comparatively light – a front loader can weigh up to 100 kg.

How long do top loaders last?

The product lifespan of top-loaders is not significantly different from traditional washing machines. Due to the lower number of revolutions when spinning and the lower stress on the door seal, typical bearing and seal problems can occur less frequently. Depending on the frequency of use, the service life is 5-10 years.

Which detergent do you use for top loaders?

Since the mechanical workings of top-loading machines are not very different from front-loading washing machines, you can use your favorite powder or liquid detergent with a top-loading machine.

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