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Sofa Covers 

A sofa cover is a throw for your sofa that you can use to protect the piece of furniture from dirt, pet hair, scratches, and more. You can also use it to give an older sofa a second life. The shape and size of the sofa covers are matched to the respective sofa. They are often stretchy and so can be customized. Most couch covers cover the entire sofa on all sides.

The sofa cover can look very different. Most of the time, the elastic fabric covers the whole sofa down to the feet. If it is stretchy, it also adapts to different sizes. A couch cover is also a cover for furniture. The word is often used for covers on high tables or chairs. Slipcovers are pulled over the piece of furniture. They are either stretchy or closed with loops. A sofa throw can also be made of solid material. It is thrown over the sofa and usually only covers the front armrest and seat with the side parts.

How do I pull the quilted sofa cover over the sofa?

Unfold the quilted sofa cover and place it on the seat of the sofa. Then pull the cover over the backrest. Then pull it in front up to the feet and over the side rests. To ensure that it sits tightly, you can clamp the excess fabric between the seat and the backrest. Some manufacturers supply additional foam tubes that are wedged into these cracks. Non-elastic sofa covers, such as the cover, are simply placed over the sofa.

sofa covers
sofa covers

Which sofa cover goes with which sofa?

When shopping, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s information. The sofa throws are available for individual armchairs as well as for two- and three-seaters or entire sets. There is also a matching sofa cover for a corner sofa or an L-shaped sofa. Pay particular attention to whether the sofa is one-piece or two-piece. For two-part sofas, it is better to buy two matching covers.

Perhaps you would like to give your sofa a very individual touch and sew a cover yourself. It is quite possible. You can find patterns and instructions on many sewing blogs and forums. Video instructions for specific models can also be found. For sewing, choose elastic fabrics such as jerseys, terrycloth, or blended fabrics. Don’t skimp on the quality of the fabric if you make the effort. If you don’t want to sew yourself, sofa covers can also be sewed by a tailor. Even with unusual sofa sizes, this is a good way to get a suitable cover.

When looking for the perfect sofa protector, you should consider the color scheme of the room your sofa will be in, the type of sofa you have, and the ambiance you want to create. Basically, models that are kept in darker colors, such as the brown sofa cover, are more practical in everyday life. Ultimately, the choice is of course a matter of personal taste.

7 Seater sofa cover online

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What should I consider when buying sofa covers online?

  • size

The size of the sofa cover depends on the type of furniture, i.e. one, two, or three-seater sofa. The dimensions are mostly from-to-information, ie they fit pieces of furniture between different lengths and widths.

  • material

Couch covers are often made of stretchable material, such as blends of cotton and polyester, spandex, or elastane. This has the advantage that you can be pulled in all directions and thus adapt to the sofa. Non-elastic materials can only be placed on top.

  • color
Sofa cover
Sofa cover

When it comes to color, you have a huge choice. You can find muted colors such as black, and gray in all shades, anthracite, brown, or blue. You can also use more colorful colors such as red, purple, mustard, wine red or terracotta, or pink, or buy a model in soft white, ivory, snow-white, or camel. There is sure to be the right color for your living room too!

  • Elastic

Make sure that the sofa cover is elastic if you want to pull it completely over the sofa. With the textile home Adele chaise longue sofa cover, the sofa looks out on the sides and below. According to the manufacturer, the covers can usually be washed in the washing machine at around 30 degrees Celsius. You can also hand wash them. Pay attention to the exact manufacturer’s information here.

  • particularities

Among the special features are included foam tubes for a perfect fit, extra pillowcases, multipart sets, or compensation for certain forms of the sofa.

What You Need to Measure Your Sofa?

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Pen and paper for recording measurements
  3. Clear any clutter around your sofa to ensure unobstructed access for measuring.
  4. Remove any existing cushions from the sofa to get an accurate measurement of its base dimensions.

How to measure a sofa?

Width Measurement

  1. Arm-to-Arm Measurement: Measure the distance from the outer edge of one armrest to the outer edge of the opposite armrest. This measurement determines the overall width of your sofa.
  2. Seat Width Measurement: Measure the width of the seating area between the armrests.
  3. Backrest Width Measurement: Measure the width of the backrest from one side to the other.

Depth Measurement

  1. Seat Depth Measurement: Measure from the seat cushion’s front edge to the backrest.
  2. Backrest Depth Measurement: Measure from the front edge of the backrest to the back.

Height Measurement

Measure the height of the sofa from the floor to the highest point, typically the top of the backrest.

How to measure a sofa cover

Sofa Runner | Sofa Protector | Couch Cover

What are the advantages of sofa covers?

Sofa cover has numerous advantages. sofa Slipcovers and sofa covers are the most affordable and durable options for giving an old sofa the look and feel of a new one. Sofa covers are preserved for a long time and extend the life of the furniture. In addition, the sofa cover offers effective protection. The expensive furniture remains protected from damage and dirt thanks to the cover so that children and pets can relax on sofas with covers without any worries.

Furthermore, sofa covers are easy to clean. Most slipcovers are machine washable. You can easily wash them every few weeks or immediately in an emergency, they usually keep their shape even with machine washing. Alternatively, there are also substances that can be wiped off with a damp cloth or vacuumed. Last but not least, the practical sofa covers also have an aesthetic function. With a new upholstery cover, you can give the room an attractive fresh look. Sofa covers in vibrant colors bring not only elegance and a personal touch but also new life to your living room.

  • A sofa cover protects the sofa from dirt and scratches.
  • Older sofas disappear under the cover and can be used longer.
  • The material is mostly elastic.
  • The couch cover adapts to the furniture.
  • The cover is quickly pulled over the sofa.
  • The choice of colors is very large.
  • There are covers of many sizes and shapes.

What types of sofa covers are there?

Sofa covers generally come in two forms: either they are separate pieces of flexible fabric that completely envelop the sofa base and cushions, or they are thick fabric pads that simply slip over the seat and are securely in place with the ties provided remaining. The latter option is better suited for temporary purposes (e.g. to keep your sofa clutter-free when taking care of your four-legged friend), while the former is intended for permanent use.

Waterproof Sofa Cover

A waterproof sofa cover refreshes your home decor and protects your furniture. They are the perfect combination of style and function. The refined design complements your existing home decor and offers guests a comfortable seating option that is visually appealing luxurious sofa cover features a non-slip silicone rubber backing, which keeps the covers stable even on leather sofas.

What sofa covers material?

The different materials of the sofa cover and their individual properties

Before buying a sofa, you should first consider what properties the cover material should have. If you have small children or animals, for example, you need a material that is easy to clean and durable. Anyone who is less often at home and uses the sofa more for representative purposes can also buy a piece of seating furniture that is covered with a sensitive material such as silk.

The leather sofa cover

Leather is not just leather. Basically, a distinction can be made between smooth, suede, and artificial leather, whereby artificial leather is of course not leather in the actual sense, but merely an imitation of leather. With genuine leather, further distinctions can be made, such as Nappa leather or nubuck leather. However, the following is limited to the distinction between smooth, suede, and artificial leather.

smooth leather

A cover made of smooth leather is less sensitive and can also be cleaned easily. Furthermore, smooth leather is very hard-wearing. The leather feels pleasantly soft on the skin and also takes on body temperature, which makes sitting on the sofa very pleasant, especially in winter. However, if a mishap does occur, a quick reaction is required, because the faster a stain is removed from the leather, the greater the chance that it will really disappear completely.


The surface structure of suede leather is velvety and feels soft and warm on the skin. In general, suede leather sofas require a lot of care. It becomes particularly difficult when something is spilled on the sofa. This is due to the fact that suede leather is porous and absorbs liquids of all kinds particularly quickly. However, its open porosity also ensures that small dust and protective particles can easily settle. The cover can be brushed regularly with a brush to prevent dust and dirt from settling.


Imitation leather is significantly cheaper to buy than real leather, is not as susceptible to stains, and is easier to clean. However, artificial leather is not as resilient as real leather. After a while, unsightly cracks form, and the sofa no longer looks as nice as it did when you bought it.

The natural fiber sofa

Many sofas are covered with natural fibers such as cotton or linen. A distinction must be made between plant fibers such as cotton and animal fibers such as silk.

sofa cover
sofa cover

vegetable fibers

Now let’s enter two of the most commonly used plant fibers, namely cotton and linen.
Cotton does not scratch and has a very low allergy potential. In addition, cotton is breathable and easily washable. Depending on the color of the sofa, even stubborn stains can be completely removed.

Jersey Sofa Cover

Jersey sofa cover offers you first-class functionality and has high elasticity. In addition to durability and longevity, thanks to an optimal universal cut, the jersey sofa cover also has a very good fit.

Easy care, good fit, and non-iron Anti-allergic
High elasticity, smooth surface
Washable at 30º


Linen has the special ability to warm the skin in winter while the sofa cover feels pleasantly cool in summer. Linen sofa covers are skin-friendly and breathable, but not particularly resilient. With frequent use, small knots quickly form in the textile.

Animal Fibres

The animal fibers wool and silk and their individual properties are briefly discussed below.


Wool can absorb a surprising amount of liquid without feeling wet. In addition, the material warms very well and hardly absorbs ambient odors. This is a good thing because wool is difficult to clean. In addition, the material quickly forms small knots or becomes matted.


The silk spider

Obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm, silk is one of the most precious fibers. Silk is the thinnest, longest, and most elastic of all-natural fibers. However, silk is very sensitive to moisture and is not colorfast. Therefore, furniture construction is usually only used for representative pieces of furniture that are rarely used.

The synthetic fiber sofa

In addition to natural fibers, there are also synthetic fibers that are often used for sofa covers. A distinction is made here between natural and synthetic polymers.

Natural polymer

Viscose, for example, is included under the umbrella term of natural polymers. Synthetic fiber is made from a natural material, namely cellulose. Viscose is similar to cotton in terms of its functional properties, as it is also breathable and feels pleasantly smooth on the skin. Since viscose is also very abrasion-resistant and can be easily dyed, it is very often used as a component of blended fabrics for sofa covers.

Synthetic polymer

Synthetic polymers are made from petroleum. Synthetic polymer fibers are rot-resistant and also moth-proof. They are also very robust and easy to care for. Since they absorb only a little moisture, they are usually perceived as not very pleasant on the skin. As a rule, however, sofa covers are made from a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers and thus combine the good properties of both materials.

How to clean or wash the sofa?

After a while, when our sofa has been through a number of TV shows and parties, it can start to look a little battered. Like our clothes, our couch could use a little cleaning every now and then.

7 seater sofa cover

Effective home methods to clean sofa and couch covers

  1. Baking soda: It disinfects, neutralizes bad odors, and fights house mites – what more could you ask for? You can treat your sofa with baking soda in two ways: Sprinkle the dry baking soda powder (approx. 40-90 grams) on the stain and let it sit overnight, then vacuum off the powder. If this method isn’t enough, you can also rub the powder in with a damp cloth or sponge. When the surface is completely dry again, vacuum thoroughly. Easy right?
  2. Dishwashing liquid: A grease-dissolving washing-up liquid can help if the stain was caused at the time. Gently treat the stain from the outer edge towards the center. But make sure that you completely remove the detergent again. To prevent water stains or unsightly edges, you can now wipe the entire upholstery or the seat with a very slightly damp cloth.
  3. Coldwater:  Water should always be your first choice. If you know that you have very hard tap water, you can also use distilled water. This will ensure that no limescale deposits remain. In the case of fresh coffee stains, you can also carry out an initial treatment with mineral water.
  4. Salt and/or lemon juice: Use this to treat acute wine stains. Salt helps with,  lemon juice. After 15 minutes of exposure time, you can vacuum off the salt or dab off the lemon juice. This works very well with an absorbent kitchen towel. Then dry the stain that has hopefully almost disappeared with a light-colored cloth.

How much does a quilted sofa cover cost?

There is a wide range of different quilted sofa covers available on the market. How much a new cover for your sofa will cost depends on various factors such as the fabric, size, shape, and brand. You can find smaller covers made of light fabrics for a three-seater sofa for as little as 2399 rupees. However, a 7 seater sofa cover can cost well over 5700 rupees.

Would you like a new sofa cover? Get the latest trends in your living room

sofa covers
sofa covers

Cool, casual, and modern – once you buy a sofa, you will stay on it for a few years. Living trends change every year and buying a new couch every time is expensive and involves a lot of effort. After a few years, a sofa gets dirty and therefore no longer looks beautiful. A  sofa cover brings new life into your own four walls and lets the old couch shine in new splendor.

Universal, elastic, protective – more than just a couch cover

Sofa covers are absolute all-rounders. They are

  • dirt-repellent
  • non-slip
  • cozy and
  • protect your sofa

An elastic sofa cover adapts perfectly to your sofa so that it looks like it came new from the store. Small children and pets can take a lot out of poster furniture. Scratches and stains are the order of the day. Sofa covers are therefore an ideal way to protect your sofa. Some couch covers are also waterproof. That is why these are also regarded as slipcovers for sofas.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the right sofa cover for your couch now!

What is your favorite sofa cover? Combine as you wish!

Whether grey, black, beige, or in unusual colors – a cover for the sofa can be put on in no time and can be changed and washed again and again. You can adapt the different designs to the current trends, seasons, or moods. If you want to buy a sofa cover, you will find a huge selection of different colors and sizes from us.

What size should a couch cover be?

Of course, the size of a sofa cover depends on your couch. The shape of your sofa is also important. For an L-shape, two covers are required for the sofa. A U-shape requires three sofa covers.

Elegant, freaky, or classic? The sofa covers every need

Which type are you? Sofa covers come in many different colors and patterns. From freaky and colorful to simple and modern, there is always the right cover for you! In addition to the great variety, you will also find slipcovers for corner sofas,  single and multi-seaters, or a sofa cover for a sofa.

Corner sofa: L shape sofa cover

An L-shaped sofa cover is the most popular variant. L-sofas offer plenty of space and are a cozy retreat for the whole day. Two sofa covers are always required for an L-couch. These are attached separately and adapt perfectly to the given shape.

Sofa cover U shape

Anyone who has a large living room at home usually has enough space for a U-shaped sofa. For such a lush couch,  three covers are always needed.

Our buying and care tips

Be sure to measure your sofa before you buy it and note the number of sofa covers. For example, several sofa covers are required for a corner sofa. Also, pay attention to the type of couch you have. Not every sofa is suitable for a sofa cover. You can find a detailed description of the products.

Our sofa covers are also washable. You can remove them in no time and clean them in the washing machine.

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How often should I replace my sofa cover?

The frequency of replacement depends on usage and wear. Generally, you can expect sofa covers to last a few years with proper care.

Where to buy quilted sofa covers online in Pakistan

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FAQ Before Buying Sofa Cover In Pakistan

FAQ Sofa Cover

What’s the sofa covers price in Pakistan?

The sofa cover and sofa protector price depend upon the number of seats. We also customize sofa covers according to customers’ requirements. So, please send us a message on our Facebook page or WhatsApp us at +92 321 4360969 and we provide more details and send a quote for your cover.

Which colors and fabrics are available?

We offer covers in a range of colors and fabrics. All the available color and fabric options are listed above.

Do I need to measure the sofa to buy a sofa cover?

In most cases, all we need is a picture of your sofa set and leave the rest to our experts working in manufacturing. Trust us, our manufacturing folks are expert enough to make covers for any sofa set just by looking at its picture. In some cases, we do need measurements and we ask customers after having a look at the sofa picture.

You send us a picture
We verify if it is a standard size of customization is required.
If needed, we ask for the measurements.