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Sofa Covers

A sofa cover is a throw for your sofa that you can use to protect the piece of furniture from dirt, pet hair, scratches and more. You can also use it to give an older sofa a second life. The shape and size of the covers are matched to the respective sofa. They are often stretchy and so can be customized. Most couch covers cover the entire sofa on all sides.

Sofa cover, cover or sofa cover – are there differences?

Sofa cover can look very different. Most of the time, the elastic fabric covers the whole sofa down to the feet. If it is stretchy, it also adapts to different sizes. A cover is also a cover for furniture. The word is often used for covers on high tables or chairs. Slip covers are pulled over the piece of furniture. They are either stretchy or closed with loops. A sofa throw can also be made of solid material. It is thrown over the sofa and usually only covers the front armrest and seat with the side parts.

How do I pull the sofa cover over the sofa?

Unfold the cover and place it on the seat of the sofa. Then pull the cover over the backrest. Then pull it in front up to the feet and over the side rests. To ensure that it sits tightly, you can clamp the excess fabric between the seat and the backrest. Some manufacturers supply additional foam tubes that are wedged into these cracks. Non-elastic sofa covers, such as the cover, are simply placed over the sofa.

Which sofa cover goes with which sofa?

When shopping, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s information. The sofa throws are available for individual armchairs as well as for two- and three-seaters or entire sets. There is also a matching sofa cover for a corner sofa or an L-shaped sofa. Pay particular attention to whether the sofa is one-piece or two-piece. For two-part sofas, it is better to buy two matching covers.

Perhaps you would like to give your sofa a very individual touch and sew a cover yourself. It is quite possible. You can find patterns and instructions on many sewing blogs and forums. Video instructions for specific models can also be found. For sewing, choose elastic fabrics such as jersey, terrycloth or blended fabrics. Don’t skimp on the quality of the fabric if you make the effort. If you don’t want to sew yourself, sofa covers can also be sewn by a tailor. Even with unusual sofa sizes, this is a good way to get a suitable cover.

What should I consider when buying a sofa cover?

  • size

The size of the sofa cover depends on the type of furniture, i.e. one, two or three-seater sofa. The dimensions are mostly from-to-information, ie they fit pieces of furniture between different lengths and widths.

  • material

Sofa covers are often made of stretchable material , such as blends of cotton and polyester, spandex or elastane. This has the advantage that you can be pulled in all directions and thus adapt to the sofa. Non-elastic materials can only be placed on top.

  • color

When it comes to color , you have a huge choice. You can find muted colors such as black, gray in all shades, anthracite, brown or blue. You can also use more colorful colors such as red, purple, mustard, wine red or terracotta or pink, or you can buy a model in soft white, ivory, snow white or camel. There is sure to be the right color for your living room too!

  • Elastic

Make sure that the sofa cover is elastic if you want to pull it completely over the sofa. With the textile home Adele chaise longue sofa cover, the sofa looks out on the sides and below. According to the manufacturer, the covers can usually be washed in the washing machine at around 30 degrees Celsius. You can also hand wash them. Pay attention to the exact manufacturer’s information here.

  • particularities

Among the special features are included foam tubes for perfect fit, extra pillowcases, multipart sets or compensation for certain forms sofa.

 Sofa cover advantages 

  • A sofa cover protects the sofa from dirt and scratches.
  • Older sofas disappear under the cover and can be used longer.
  • The material is mostly elastic.
  • The couch cover adapts to the furniture.
  • The cover is quickly pulled over the sofa.
  • The choice of colors is very large.
  • There are covers for many sizes and shapes.

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