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Shower Curtains

The alarm goes off and you slowly move toward the bathroom. As soon as the first drops of water come out of the shower, you will gradually wake up. With your shower curtains, the water stays in the shower and you don’t have to worry about a flood in the bathroom. There is also no need to remove the glass pane afterward and you can start the day relaxed. This guide explains to you what you should pay attention to with the curtain and how differently you can fix it in your bathroom.

The shower curtain can be stretched either in front of the shower or around the bathtub so that no water splashes into the room while showering and your floor stays dry and clean. Once drawn, the fabrics lock reliably. Some of them even have additional functions such as an antibacterial coating or waterproof impregnation, so that they are more hygienic and robust and you can enjoy them for longer.

Compared to other splash protection variants such as a glass pane or a shower cubicle, a shower curtain is not only significantly cheaper, but the decoratively printed curtains also look more individual and give your bathroom a personal touch. You also remain flexible and can easily replace the shower curtain if you want to redesign your bathroom. With the textile splash guard, you no longer have to pull the water off the glass pane immediately after the shower or scrub it with a sponge and cleaning agent to remove stains. Instead, you can conveniently put the shower curtain in the washing machine.

Depending on what your shower curtain should be able to do or what your taste is, you can choose from different materials and functions. Here is a brief overview.

Shower Curtains
Shower Curtains

Durable plastic

Shower curtains made of synthetic fibers such as PVC or polyester fabric are waterproof, hard-wearing, and in bright colors ensuring a good mood in the morning. If you prefer a fine fabric look, polyester is the right choice. If you like it smooth, you can use a PVC shower curtain.

Tip: Do you mind if the damp shower curtain touches you while showering? You can avoid this problem with outwardly curved shower rails.

Antibacterial coating

A shower curtain with an antibacterial coating is less prone to mold, and that for years to come. Even in daily use, no mold-promoting bacteria settle. So you don’t have to change your shower curtain so often and your bathroom looks neat and tidy.

Waterproof impregnation

With additional waterproof impregnation, the water rolls off the curtain. The shower curtain is not permeable and at the same time dries faster, which contributes to a pleasant bathroom climate.

You can attach a shower curtain in different ways, depending on your bathroom and your shower facilities. Read here to find out when which type of assembly is appropriate.

The conventional shower curtain

With this variant, you hang your shower curtain on a shower curtain rod that is firmly screwed to the wall. Permanently screwed-on models can securely enclose up to three sides of the shower tray and thus effectively cover showers with several open sides. If you have a bathtub built between two walls, you can use a telescopic rod that is clamped between the walls.

You usually use shower curtain rings to attach the shower curtains. Some manufacturers also offer combinations in which you pull the curtain through an inner profile like a curtain. The mini hooks hold well, but don’t run as smoothly as the large rings. Variable telescopic shower rails can be removed more easily than screwed-on rods, which is particularly useful in rental apartments.

The space-saving shower umbrella

For bathtubs with integrated shower zones, we recommend a shower spider that you stretch like an umbrella. It consists of several metal spokes that come together in a holder above the showerhead. At the ends of these spokes, you hang your shower curtain in a semicircle, creating your own small shower area. Shower umbrellas are therefore well suited for free-standing bathtubs where you want to protect several sides from splashing water. After showering, the curtain can be folded up again to save space.

Tip: For combinations of bathtub and shower, you can also use short bathtub attachments; floor-to-ceiling shower walls are ideal for stand-alone or walk-in showers.

The elegant shower blind

A practical and elegant solution for shower combinations is a shower blind. To do this, screw an aluminum roller blind box to the edge of the shower area on your bathroom ceiling. A built-in shower curtain can then be pulled out of this box to the floor of the shower tray.

The advantage of this construction is that you can simply slide your shower curtain back into the roller blind box after it has dried. When you don’t need the shower blind, it is practically invisible. This makes your bathroom appear more open, which is especially pleasant in small rooms.

shower curtain
shower curtain

A shower curtain takes up a lot of space in the bathroom and should match your other bathroom accessories accordingly so that it does not look like a foreign body. We have put together three living examples for a harmonious bathroom interior for you.

Classic in neutral colors

Do you live by the motto “less is more”? You can also continue your classically reduced living style in the bathroom using light colors and natural materials. With a simple white curtain, you underline a white tiled bathroom and make the room look bigger. Combine this with towel sets in equally neutral tones, such as dark gray or cream.

Modern shower curtain with brightly colored details

As a lover of the modern furnishing style, you will feel particularly comfortable in an environment of clear lines and individual, strong color nuances. How about therewith a purple and white striped shower blind as a splash of color? A large mirror and a washbasin with fittings made of shiny stainless steel go with it. A soap dispenser in the color of the shower roller blinds rounds off your modern bathroom harmoniously.

Vintage by pastel tones

If you like it nostalgic at home, you can also live out your fondness for old furniture and pastel colors in the bathroom. A Shower curtain in soft pink highlights the vintage style by giving your bathroom a romantic look. Combine this with a lightly sanded white wooden chest of drawers in an antique look, in which you can store your hairdryer and other small items.

So that your shower curtain fits your shower or bathtub not only visually, but also in size, you should pay attention to the following things before buying.

  • The right width: Measure the width of your shower facility and compare it with the manufacturer’s information for your shower curtain. This should be 20% wider than the inside length of the wall, then the curtain will still have nice folds.
  • The right length: The shower curtain should end a few centimeters above the bathtub floor so that the shower water can run off unhindered and your curtain does not go moldy. For good ventilation, there should also be 15 to 20 cm of space toward the ceiling.
  • Instructions for use: When showering, the curtain should hang inside the shower tray. This means that the water flows off the shower curtain and does not drip onto the bathroom floor outside the shower tray.

Unlike glass shower walls or cubicles, shower curtains hardly need any maintenance. Even so, you should wash them every now and then to keep them hygienic. You can find three tips here.

  1. You can machine wash many curtains without any problems. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions – they also state whether you can put the curtain in the dryer.
  2. To prevent mold from forming, you should spread the curtain to dry after showering and only move it to the side when it is dry. With shower blinds, in particular, it is important that the fabric is dry before you roll it up again.
  3. Ventilate your bathroom well after every shower so that the water vapor can escape.

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Shower Curtains
PEVA Shower Curtains

Curtain up and water on! Shower curtains ensure that the water in the bathroom stays where it belongs: in the shower. The shower curtains are also extremely decorative and give you privacy. Find a waterproof shower curtain at a home improvement store online that you like.

We ship bathroom waterproof shower curtains to Lahore Karachi Islamabad and all over Pakistan.

Easy to care for and inexpensive: plastic shower curtains

Shower curtains made of PEVA should not be put in the washing machine and that is actually not a problem. The curtains do not get damp at all and they usually do not get stained and are anti-mold, as they are water-repellent, and they are particularly easy to care for. The water runs off the surface and you can easily remove it with a rag. Of course, the shower curtains can also be washed by hand without any problems.

If that puts you off, don’t write off the PEVA shower curtains for your bathroom completely yet, because they contain no plasticizers and they are environmentally friendly. If you still want a plastic shower curtain for your shower or bathtub that can be put in the washing machine, then you can get a shower curtain made of PVC from the My Home Decor online shop.

Shower curtains in white and many other colors. You can almost never go wrong with a white shower curtain in the bathroom. The shower curtain then fits with the right shower curtain rings for the shower tray, bathtub, toilet, washbasin, and 90% of all other furnishings.

Cleaning and maintaining the waterproof shower curtain – is not one of the cleaning priorities. It is more important than expected. Read here about which home remedies help with cleaning.

Everyone who owns a shower curtain knows the phenomenon: After only a short time, the lower edge of the curtain no longer looks so nice. In addition, the wet shower curtain offers an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and fungi.

Regular cleaning and care are always worthwhile. In fact, it is advisable to wash the shower curtain every four weeks. After all, soap residue always sticks to the curtain. Read more about how to clean and maintain shower curtains.

A shower curtain keeps your bathroom floor dry and clean and requires little maintenance. You are also flexible and can easily change the curtain to give your bathroom a new look. The following checklist will help you to find a suitable model.

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