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Fitted Bed Sheets 

Fitted bed sheets perfectly round off your sleep: Fitted bed sheets with their perfect fit ensure that your bed sheet does not slip uncomfortably at night. For a healthy sleep, you will find a large selection of fitted sheets online made from 100% natural materials such as cotton,  silk, or linen without the addition of harmful substances.

Fitted bedsheets have a really important role. Most people are probably not even aware of this. Sheets are in direct contact with your skin all night, every night. And we spend about a third of our lives in bed on a fitted sheet. This means that our bed sheets have to be soft, comfortable, and easy to care for.

What are fitted sheets

fitted bed sheets
fitted bed sheets

Fitted sheets are sheets with an all-around elastic band, which ensures the greatest possible flexibility when pulling the sheet onto the bed. Sewn-in elastic straps of the MYHOMEDECOR.PK fitted sheet makes it easy to cover mattresses and gives the sheet a secure hold at all times.

A fitted sheet has an elastic edge that stretches around the mattress and thus holds the sheet in place. Fitted sheets offer a number of advantages. So they crease much less than normal sheets. And they stay in place even if the sleeping person tosses and turns.

Why use a fitted sheet?

Comfortable fitted bed sheets help keep your body temperature constant by absorbing moisture from your body. But good sheets offer even more advantages. They don’t wrinkle and are easy to wash and dry. And you sleep with a clear conscience when they are made of environmentally friendly materials.

Fitted sheets are durable, hard-wearing, and ensure maximum sleeping comfort. No matter what you sleep on: box spring bed, topper, or mattress: the fitted sheet is always the crowning glory and ensures a hygienic sleeping environment.

Fitted sheets: only the best for wonderful hours

Cuddle up on cloud nine and relax on our comfortable fitted sheets. They are as essential for a good night’s sleep as soft bed linen or the right mattress. With our guide, you will find the right fitted sheet and you will fall in love again with the place where you spend most of your life! When looking for the right bedsheet, there are a few characteristics you can take into account in your decision: material, color, and of course the size. Which one goes best with your bedroom? We’ll tell you here.

Fitted bedsheets in different colors

Blue fitted bed sheets
fitted bed sheets color

We have listed a wide range of fitted bed sheets in different colors on our website. These colorful rich cotton fitted sheets are comfortable and reliable. The rich cotton fabric enhances the quality of fitted sheets.

What are fitted sheet sizes?

When buying, however, please note: that only the right size will fit perfectly. If the cloth is too short or too narrow, the surface will stretch too much. If it is too big, there are unsightly and uncomfortable folds and rolls. Therefore, always have the exact dimensions of your mattress ready or measure the side lengths precisely for safety. Because a smooth lying surface is what makes perfect sleeping comfortable.

A pleasant basis for restful nights: If you plan to buy fitted sheets, you should take a close look at the correct size of your sheet. Usually, the fitted sheets in Pakistan are in the from-to range, which means that even supposedly smaller fitted sheets (eg 160 x 200 cm) could fit on your bed with a size of 180 x 200 cm. This is due to the great flexibility of many fitted sheets.

Adjust the size of the fitted sheet exactly to the size of your bed and also note the leeway that could result from the elasticity of the sheet.

The right size fitted bed sheets in Pakistan

Fitted Sheets are available in different colors, materials, and sizes:

  • Single bed fitted sheets: Depending on the size of the single bed, sheets with a width of 90 to 140 cm and a length of 190 to 220 cm are ideal. For children’s mattresses, these should be 60 to 70 cm and 120 to 140 cm, respectively.
  • Double bed fitted sheets: Fitted sheets for a double bed should have a length of 200 to 220 cm and a width of 160 to 200 cm.
  • King & Queen size bed fitted sheets: King & Queen size beds are larger than traditional double beds. Accordingly, the suitable fitted sheet for your queen-size bed should be at least 160 cm wide and 200 cm long, for a king-size bed it should measure 200×200 cm.
  • Additional tips – note the height of the mattresses: Boxspring and water beds require a sheet with a larger web height. On the other hand, sheets for toppers have a particularly low bar height if you use them to layout your mattress. A classic bedsheet without elastic can be attached between the bed frame and the mattress. Those with an elastic band, on the other hand, guarantee a secure hold and a wrinkle-free result.

It has to be elastic in order to adapt perfectly to the mattress. Nevertheless, the material should also be comfortable, soft, and breathable or absorbent. At night, the body releases moisture that has to be absorbed by the fabric. The following materials are ideal for this:

Which fitted sheet is the best?

  • Cotton: The most popular fabric is probably jersey. Made of 100 percent cotton, it is pleasant to the skin, absorbent, and extremely easy to care for.  we use high-quality cotton in different colors.
  • Jersey-elastane: This mixture guarantees an even better fit. The elastane content makes it elastic so that it can adapt perfectly to the mattress.
  • Twisted jersey: Twisted jersey is also made from 100 percent cotton and has been woven using a special technique. Wonderfully soft and yet dimensionally stable, the fabric is one of the absolute classics.
  • Mako satin: Thanks to its smooth and slightly shiny surface, this special cotton material is particularly elegant and extremely pleasant on the skin, especially in summer.
  • Nicky velour: If you like it soft, warm, and cozy, then Nicky velour is the right choice. The mixed material with cotton content is ideal for the cold season.
  • Percale: The fine weave structure makes percale a special kind of cotton fabric that is also hard-wearing and durable.
  • Velvet: Brushed velvet flannel offers luxurious softness and breathable durability. Easy care, machine wash, and tumble dry.

Which fitted sheets are suitable for box spring beds?

With fitted sheets for the box spring bed or waterbed, you should pay attention to a higher web height. Especially if you equip your mattresses with an additional topper. It is best to measure this beforehand.

What are the advantages of fitted bed sheets?

One thing is clear: a fitted sheet stays in perfect shape on the mattress, no matter how much you turn back and forth at night. Simply pull the corners over the mattress when you are making the bed, and the elastic band gives you a wrinkle-free surface to lie on. Nothing slips, nothing has to be straightened out again in the morning – they are just incredibly practical.
Fitted sheets are a real asset, especially for wide or high mattresses. Because covering large sizes is not necessarily easy with normal sheets. With a fitted sheet, on the other hand, the new bed set can be exchanged in no time and sits wrinkle-free until the next wash.

Fitted sheets can be wonderfully combined with other bedding or bedclothes to create an appealing look in the bedroom. To let your bed shine in a classic design, combine our fitted bedsheets with our white bed linen or luxury bed linen. In addition, there are other fitted sheet colors available, which you can combine with pillows and blankets according to your individual taste.

How are fitted sheets folded correctly

Fitted sheets should be properly folded or folded after washing. With a few simple tricks, you can fold your fitted sheet without throwing it crumpled up in the closet.

The first thing to do is to lay down the side of the fitted sheet that normally faces up when you make the mattress. With your hand, you now reach into one of the corners under the elastic band and turn the corner of the corner towards you. The turned-over corner is now placed in the opposite corner of the fitted sheet (measured on the long side of the fitted sheet).

Repeat this step for the other side of the sheet, then grab both ends that are connected. Shake out the fitted sheet again – it can be neatly folded up.

What must be considered when doing the laundry?

fitted bedsheets
fitted bedsheets
To keep them in shape for a long time, there are a few simple tricks for proper care:
  • Washing fitted sheets: Depending on the material, different recommendations apply to the washing temperature. Jersey sheets are machine washable in high water temperatures. For cotton satin or other fine fabrics, you should follow the respective washing recommendations. The temperature depends on the material of your fitted sheet. For reasons of hygiene, cleaning at least 60 degrees is optimal. In addition, you should always wash white fitted sheets with white laundry, and coloring sheets with similar colors.
  • Drying fitted sheets: Not every material is suitable for the tumble dryer. Therefore, you should carefully follow the recommendations on the label before washing for the first time. Otherwise, the shape and size can suffer as the tissue can condense and contract.
  • Folding fitted sheets: Admittedly, fitted sheets cannot be folded as accurately as sheets without an elastic band. However, there is a special technique for folding the sheet properly. To do this, pull one side of the sheet apart and slip it into a corner with both hands. Flip the right corner and place it in the left. Repeat the same thing with the opposite corners, and you can fold the fitted sheet into a small rectangle.

How often should you change the fitted sheet?

It is best to change your bed sheet every two weeks. This ensures that dust mites and dust do not nestle in it – and that you sleep in a hygienic environment.

How do you iron fitted sheets?

As a general rule, it is best to iron your bed sheet moderately and not too hot. The shine of the satin laundry is freshened up again when it is ironed. In any case, please note the enclosed care instructions.

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At MYHOMEDECOR.PK, we offer a range of different fitted sheets. In our online shop, you will find bed sheets made of cotton, linen, or silk of the finest quality for your bedroom. You have the choice between many timeless colors: eg noble fir green or classic gray. In any case, a fitted sheet also visually enhances your bedroom. Find fitted bed sheet prices in Pakistan.

If you want to buy fitted bedsheets online, MYHOMEDECOR.PK has a wide range of fitted sheets. We ship fitted bedsheets to Lahore Karachi Islamabad and all over Pakistan. Explore Fitted Bed Sheets In Pakistan.

The fitted sheet has a fastening rubber around the edge, which prevents it from slipping. However, you should pay attention to the right size.

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