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When does your baby need its own cot?

Your baby is allowed to choose, it would like to sleep very close to you: in your arms during the day and in your bed all night. Babies love their mom’s closeness. And yet it is best for your baby to have its own baby cot right from the start. Sleep is her main occupation in the first few weeks.

Think about the right place to sleep and the appropriate sleeping environment early on. Even if you like to let your baby sleep with you – it should know and love its cot, side bed or bassinet. No matter which bed you choose, it has to be big enough to allow good air circulation.

Setting up a cot: where is the best place for it?

Where can you put the cot? The best place is in the bedroom, as close as possible to your own bed . So your baby can see and hear you, and mom’s smell and voice have a calming effect. You have short distances when you get up at night and bring your baby to you for breastfeeding. Extension or extra beds , which create additional space in the parents’ bed , are practical . They are also known under the names Babybalkon or Babybay . You simply add the baby bed to your own bed in the bedroom . This is easy to do with the additional beds available in stores. They are adjustable depending on the size of the children , so they can be used for a long time.

Baby cot in the bedroom: you should pay attention to this

Directly in front of the heater or under the window is rather an inconvenient place. The ideal east for the baby cot in the bedroom is a place where there is no draft and where sockets and distributors are not directly next to the cot.

A sky makes the sleeping place cozy and forms a protective space from too many impressions that do not allow your child to rest. But be careful! Sleep experts advise against long canopies that reach the floor. And as cute as nests, cuddly toys and furs are in the cot , you should avoid them in bed with children under twelve months. The risk that your little one gets bad breath or overheats is simply too great .

Should babies sleep in their parents’ bed?

Experts advise taking a baby into the parents’ bedroom for the first two years . After that, your child should move into their own room. Family bed – experts are divided on this subject. Some swear that the family will sleep and cuddle together, and there are many midwives among those who support it. Other experts advise against letting the little one sleep in the parents’ bed.

The basics: What does the ideal cot equipment look like?

Are you indulging in a dream of pink and light blue fabric? You don’t really need a lot of extras: the baby cot should be cozy and soft. Invest in a good mattress . Not hard as a bed, but also not so soft that your baby can sink in and no longer turn by itself. A 10 cm thick mattress is recommended. It has to fit exactly into the cot, because your baby could get trapped in gaps or cracks.

Make sure you have a removable and washable cover. You can put a fitted sheet made of jersey or flannel over it, it feels more comfortable than pure cotton.

Choosing a cot: which model is the right one?

Many newborns feel lost in a large crib. A small bassinet, cradle, or baby hammock are good alternatives. The latter soothe your child with the ups and downs and rock them to sleep comfortably. But they are all only good for a few weeks – until your baby begins to pull himself up. With an advanced urge to move, the risk of it falling out becomes too great.

If you buy a cot, please pay attention to the spacing between the bars: 4.5 to 6.5 cm is perfect so that your baby cannot get stuck with his arms and feet or even his head between them. Cots with two to three removable bars or a cot with a door are advantageous . So your child does not have to make dangerous climbing attempts to get to you quickly during the night.