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Floor Cushions 

If you are looking for an alternative seat that brings you closer to the ground and exudes coziness, then floor cushions are the solution for you. Thanks to their universal applicability and their variable design, they fit perfectly into your living room. If you want to put the finishing touches to your designer apartment or spice up your youth room, seat cushions are suitable for both.

In the following article, we would like to explain to you why floor pillows are right for you. Whether in the children’s room or as garden furniture, whether as an alternative to a sofa or storage space, the possibilities for using seat cushions are great. For our product comparison, we compared different floor cushions with each other and worked out the most important criteria for you.

Floor Cushions
Floor Cushions

The possibilities to set up your own four walls effectively could hardly be bigger and more varied, especially in today’s world. There are countless accessories and elements that can provide coziness and comfort at the same time.

However, not all possibilities are well known to people, and obesity has not yet developed as far as it should be. And the so-called floor cushion can also be classified in this category. True, these special pillows have been in stores for many years, but many people still don’t know which advantages and which areas of application are really well suited to use the pillow on their own four walls.

In order to be able to provide clarity in this area soon, the following guide should deal with the subject of floor cushions. Where can these of good quality be purchased? For what purpose can the pillows be used at all, and what should be taken into account when using them so that the pillow can still be used comfortably and comfortably after a few months and years?

the essentials in brief

  • Floor cushions are seating that can be placed anywhere on the floor to create a cozy atmosphere. So you can use it as a chair or sofa replacement, as well as a tray to put the laptop down.
  • Floor cushions are very popular in many cultures, be it in Japan for the tea ceremony or in India for meditation. This trend has been with us for a long time and also creates a special flair here.
  • Floor pillows are something for everyone. Both children and adults can use floor pillows. Floor cushions are suitable for a small seating area in the daycare center, but also in your own living room.

Floor cushions purchase and evaluation criteria 

Since everyone has different ideas about their floor pillow, it is important to think about a few things before buying. You can find out which criteria are particularly important here.

The purchase criteria are as follows:

  • size
  • relation
  • color
  • design
  • Extras

In the following section, you can find out more about the purchase criteria mentioned.


floor cushion
floor cushion

Depending on what you plan to do with your floor pillow, a certain size is necessary. Floor cushions are available from very small, suitable for children to sit on, to XXL sizes that can replace a sofa.


Floor cushions are available in a number of materials. When choosing, you should pay attention to which cover best suits the style of your room or which can create a nice contrast.

  • Cotton: Cloth sacks with a cotton cover are very natural. They are particularly soft and skin-friendly. Covers made of cotton convince with a wide variety of patterns and looks and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Polyester and nylon: Floor cushions with polyester or nylon covers are particularly weatherproof and are therefore also suitable for the garden or balcony. Thanks to their robustness and durability, they can withstand various weather conditions.
  • Velvet: These fabric cushions are soft feel and cozy. Velvet fabric is washable and is widely used in floor pillows.

Each type of cover has different advantages, depending on the intended use, you decide which one suits you.


No matter whether simple colors in light or dark tones adapt perfectly to your living room or varied and colorful ornaments, floor cushions are available in all colors.

If the room in which you want to place your floor pillow is furnished in a boho style or in an oriental style, then a seating area with patterned floor pillows will go perfectly with your interior. If your room adheres to clear lines, single-colored floor cushions are suitable to round off your style perfectly.


Seat and floor cushions are very important in many cultures. These cultures are also reflected in the design of the pillows. Seat cushions are particularly popular in Arab countries.

In addition to these, there are also simpler bottom bags with a monochrome design. Floor cushions are round, but also square and oval. As a result, they adapt perfectly to your ideas.

Advice: Frequently asked questions about floor cushions answered in detail

Before you buy a floor pillow, you should know what is possible. Here we have answered the most important questions about floor pillows for you.

Floor Cushion Color
Floor Cushion Online

Which floor cushion is suitable for you?

A cozy sitting area with floor cushions is suitable for everyone, be it for children in the play area, in the modern office lounge, or for your dog. Due to their universal applicability, there is nothing that floor cushions cannot be used for.

Floor cushions are particularly popular in kindergartens and among educators. The proximity to the ground makes it easier for adults to be at the same height as the children. This makes communication and playing together easier.

What types of floor pillows are there?

Floor pillows come in a wide variety of shapes and colors and, depending on the intended use, there are also different types. Floor cushions made of nylon or polyester are suitable as furniture for the balcony or garden. Thanks to their robust material, they can withstand wind and weather.

The simplest floor pillows are those on which you can sit comfortably in a group and have a coffee with your friends. They are usually smaller and the perfect size to sit comfortably on.

Larger floor cushions can be used as a sofa replacement or even as a guest bed.

What are floor cushions used for?

Floor pillows are a good alternative for different types of seating, such as stools, chairs, or sofas. Thanks to their easy handling, they can be quickly put down or placed anywhere. For example, you can shape bean bags with loose filling into a lounger or armchair. Other floor cushions or poufs are suitable for putting your feet down or as a small tray to put things on.

Floor pillows are often used in yoga or meditation. These pillows are called yoga pillows or meditation pillows. Floor cushions are ideal for traditional tea ceremonies like in Japan. They make sitting on the floor comfortable and pleasant.

You can also use floor pillows for the balcony. Floor pillows made of waterproof and robust materials are particularly suitable for this.


Floor cushions can give your apartment a whole new look and can be used in a wide variety of ways. You can use it as a stool, sofa, or for sleeping, but also as a shelf for your plate or laptop. There are also different models of floor and seat cushions for your garden or balcony that create a cozy ambiance.

Whether for the modern living room, the children’s room, or the sitting area in the office, floor pillows can be used universally and are therefore suitable for every occasion. Their easy handling and space-saving volume make them a great alternative for heavy and bulky furniture.

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