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Fleece Blankets 

The name fleece comes from English and is the name for a fabric made from polyester. Among other things, PET bottles that have been recycled can be used for this purpose. In addition, cotton is often mixed in. The fabric was introduced by a US company in 1979. Fleece is not to be confused with fleece, which has a different composition and is intended for other purposes. Fleece is one of the materials for cozy blankets that people love to choose again and again. Because of its cozy and soft properties, fleece is very popular with young and old.

In contrast to wool, fleece is very comfortable on the skin and saves space in your living room. Thick woolen blankets often take up a lot of space. A fleece blanket, on the other hand, is easy to stow due to its material and processing.

A fleece blanket is a blanket made from the textile fabric fleece. This synthetic material is often referred to as fiber fur because it is particularly soft and fluffy. But this is not real fur, because fleece is made from polyester. Since many households are trying to limit the use of plastic nowadays, many brands and manufacturers have made it their task to produce polyester and in this case, also fleece with recycled plastic.

fleece blanket is a true all-rounder – its uses are so diverse that there is hardly a household that does not have at least one fleece blanket.

Fleece blankets are also very cheap to buy in stores but to get a good product.

Some people use several fleece blankets to sew in order to create an oversized fleece blanket. These blankets are also perfect for box spring beds. The fleece duvet is cozy, soft, and leaves nothing to be desired.

If you are looking for a fleece blanket for your box spring bed, for example, then you will probably fall back on the classic product. This fleece duvet is not cozy, but can also be bought very cheaply in stores. The classic model is available in many colors, such as purple, beige, blue, brown, and turquoise, or patterns such as stars.

fleece blankets have a number of great features that make it easy to decide whether to buy one of these blankets.

Find out all the advantages of fleece blankets here!

  • very easy to wash
  • very low weight and therefore ideal for traveling
  • many great and attractive designs for every taste
  • ideal as a blanket for the park or for the beach
  • transports moisture to the outside
  • very robust and durable
  • elastic and wrinkle-free
  • dries very quickly
  • Surface slightly water-repellent
  • pleasant skin feel, in contrast to certain wool blends
  • often consists of recycled material and is recyclable.

So light and cozy – the fleece blanket is the ideal blanket for your next trip!

When it comes to blankets, we all want them to be as cuddly and fluffy as possible. In the dictionary, fleece can be found as “ synthetic fleece ”, so how much fluffier can it get? The fleece blanket invites you to cuddle up and therefore also serves as well as a duvet. Not only that, due to the low weight, this blanket can be easily carried, be it to a romantic picnic, a trip to the beach, or on a plane when traveling. The fleece blanket is incredibly flexible and easy to use, so you are sure to find a purpose. You too can easily use the fleece blanket in your everyday life!

How do I clean a cozy blanket?

Blankets should definitely be washed individually in the wool program or in the normal gentle or easy-care program. In the following, we will give you one or two tips for cleaning, in order to keep your blanket cozy and fluffy even after washing.

You should wash blankets at no more than 30 ° degrees on the wash cycles described above.

Make sure to spin the ceiling at low speeds. The blanket should still be a bit damp so that it can be spread out generously after washing.