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You put pots, pans, glasses, and other things on coasters. This guide explains what you should look out for when buying and which coasters suit your furnishing style.

What are coasters used for?

  • Coasters are flat surfaces on which you place glasses, pans, pots, vases, or candlesticks, for example.
  • You place them on sensitive furniture surfaces such as the dining table, coffee table, or countertop.
  • With coasters, you ensure that no moisture settles or that there are no stains, scratches, or discolorations on the surfaces.
  • A trivet also protects the tablecloth: it doesn’t get dirty and you don’t have to clean it as often. Thanks to coasters, you can also completely do without the textile underlay.
  • The accessories also serve a decorative purpose: they set color accents, for example on a laid table.

What protective documents are there for the household?

Coasters for glasses and bottles

Place water, and bottles on coasters. The moisture on the bottom of the vessels then does not leave any rings, for example on a wooden table. If drops run down the edge of the glass, the base catches them. You can also use these variants for vases and candles: dripping wax or water will not get onto the windowsill, shelf, or side table.

Saucers for pots

Hot pots, bowls, pans, or casserole dishes find a temporary place on a trivet. If they have just come off the stove or oven, they will be very hot. This can burn or scorch surfaces if you’re trying to cool dishes in the kitchen. The utensils are also practical for serving directly on the dining table.

Tip: Special trivets are often larger and more robust than models for pots.

Coasters for mills

When salt and pepper grinders are on the dining table, everyone can season their dishes to taste. So that leftover spices don’t spread all over the place, place the kitchen gadgets on mill coasters. Usually, it is an elongated pad with two recesses and a handle.

What should I look out for when buying coasters?


  • Cork coasters are suitable for glasses and pots. The light natural material is heat-resistant and durable.
  • Variants made of soft materials such as felt or raffia are mainly used for glasses, but there are also versions for pots. They won’t break if they fall.
  • Coasters made of wood are particularly stable and durableThey are often made of olive wood or bamboo.
  • Slate is also used as a material both in the kitchen and for glasses. The advantage of this material: it is hard, robust, and heat-resistant.
  • You use coasters made of tempered glass for placing drinks or cookware on. The material handles heat and wipes clean easily.
  • Stainless steel is durable, impact-resistant, and insensitive– even to heat. These models are therefore often used for pots and pans.
  • Silicone coasters are shockproof, shatterproof, lightweight, and heat resistant. They’re common for pots and pans, but you’ll find them for drinks too.
  • Porcelain pads are stable and temperature-resistant. They are almost always used for glasses.


Coasters for glasses are usually round or square. The versions for pots also have this shape. In addition, there are also elongated variants that offer more leeway. Foldable trivets save space. When unfolded, they look like a propeller. You simply push them together so that they fit in every kitchen cupboard and small drawers.

Tip: Some glass coasters have a rim so that nothing can run onto the table.


  • Beverage mats are almost all similar in size, measuring around 10 to 12 cm in length and width. This means that they fit standard glasses.
  • When it comes to trivets, the selection is larger: models with 20 x 20 cm are common.
  • But you can also find larger versions with 5 or 30 cm.
  • Extra large mats measure 33 x 45 cm. You can place several pots or a large pan on it.
  • Make sure the pads for cookware match your equipment. If the coaster is too small, the pot can tip over.

Tip: Coasters that you can adjust the size of as needed are practical. You can take them off with the help of joints.

coaster placemats
coaster placemats

color and design

Pads for pots and glasses are available in many designs and colors. There are simple versions in gray or black. But you can also choose models in blue, red, yellow, or green or opt for multi-colored copies. Some coasters have patterns, comic figures, an oriental look, or funny sayings, while others have stars or flowers painted on them.


You can often buy coasters in sets. This is how they fit together visually. In the case of drinks, they usually consist of six or eight equal parts. A storage box that you can leave on the table is practical for these variants. Combinations of three to five components are common for trivets. Either all are the same size within a set or they are designed for different-sized cooking utensils.


How you clean your coasters depends on the material. You can often put silicone, stainless steel, glass, and ceramic parts in the dishwasher. Many felt pads can withstand washing in a washing machine. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Wipe wood, granite, and cork with a damp cloth.

Which glass or trivet suits my style of living?


Coasters for the modern style of living

In your modern designed living room and kitchen, there is furniture made of glass or metal with no-frills shapes and shiny surfaces. Coasters made of glass, slate, or stainless steel are a good solution for this ambiance. You can also use silicone variants with unusual designs.

Protective underlays for the country house style

Your dining room has wooden furniture and colorful cushions on the chairs. Coasters made of wood or cork go well with this cozy flair – rural motifs as prints are also popular here. Alternatively, you can get felt pads in warm colors, such as dark red or green.

Protective surfaces for the classic style

This style is characterized by high-quality solid wood furniture and fine crockery, such as bone porcelain. Porcelain coasters fit harmoniously into such a facility – individual lines as design elements on the edge do not disturb.

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