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Bean bags for teen agers in Pakistan online

You are looking for comfortable seating for your teenage room, a beanbag is the ideal choice. In the youth or children’s room, an armchair or sofa is too bulky and inflexible. The bean bag offers maximum comfort and can be used variably. Today in the youth or children’s room, tomorrow in the living room next to the sofa. Test how comfortable a beanbag is, you will want to swap your armchair for a beanbag sofa. This seating is modern and is also suitable for adults. Reading, learning, listening to music or a short nap – all this is possible on a beanbag chair.

Beanbags design and variety

Beanbags add variety to the interior – but there is much more to it than the classic standard models. The areas of application for beanbags are just as diverse as the models. They are available for indoors and outdoors, especially bean bags for children or for the whole family. Not only living rooms or children’s rooms are therefore an ideal place for this flexible seating, but also in the garden, for relaxing by the pool or as a creative lounge in the office, our high-quality bean bags are ideal. Beanbags for teen agers are available in different colors and designs. We ship bean bags for teen agers to Lahore Karachi Islamabad and all over Pakistan.

Beanbags Brief History

The principle of the beanbag is so simple that one wonders why it only became famous in 1968. In that year, the first beanbag chair model came onto the market, which quickly achieved cult status and was followed by countless other bean bags.

The three Italians Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro wanted to develop seating furniture that hugs the body completely. It should feel like snow that you can simply let yourself fall into. They looked for a suitable interior for their beanbag, tried it with water and lead balls. But when they suddenly came up with the idea of ​​the Styrofoam balls, they were convinced. Here they had padding for the seat cushion, which was both very light and cheap to produce and as flexible as they wanted it to be.

However, the three architects did not expect great demand when they created their “Sacco”, the world’s first bean bag. But the very different and also somewhat rebellious piece of furniture fit exactly with the lifestyle of the time. So it was more of a coincidence that the picture of the seat cushion was featured in an American magazine and convinced a department store chain so much that they immediately ordered 12,000 pieces of the extravagant chair.

The beanbag sofa chair quickly found its way into teenagers’ rooms and student apartments, much to the chagrin of the parents. They could just as little understand this trend around the cult pillow as the long hair of the young men, the colorful clothes. Despite their 40-year history, beanbags have not lost any of their relevance to this day, even if they suffered quite a collapse between the 80s and 90s.

Even the interior of the floor cushion has remained the same with the styrofoam balls, contrary to a generally increasing high-tech trend. Shapes, patterns and processing methods have always adapted to fashion, even if the first beanbag “Sacco” is still sold in its original form.

But even before the beanbag revolution, comfortable sitting on a supple surface was widely known. Especially in rural regions, sacks were stuffed with leaves to make sitting on the hard surface more beautiful. Because the awareness of cosines was not new, but the design and the moisture-repellent white Styrofoam balls that made the beanbag what it is today: A durable and at the same time chic piece of furniture to lounge around.