New tile trends for the modern bathroom

bathroom tile trend

From the wet room to the wellness oasis – the bathroom is changing

The bathroom as a separate room in which you can bathe, shower, wash and freshen up is still very new from a historical perspective. At the beginning of the 20th century only a small percentage of houses had a bathroom. This room, known as the wet room, did not establish itself in Germany until the middle of the 20th century. Initially as a purely functional space, the bathroom is increasingly associated with the task of a wellness oasis. Refreshing, light colors, little furniture and stylish, noble and technically sophisticated furnishings make the bathroom one of the most popular rooms in the house where you want to feel good. However, this change in the function and meaning of the bathroom is relatively new, so that older rooms in particular have to face renovation in order to exude this fresh charm.

Modern tiles shape the new feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom

The wallcovering in particular creates the right atmosphere in the new bathroom. The tile has proven to be moisture-resistant, easy to clean and also very versatile. What has changed are the colors and the finish. Bathroom tiles in particular, which a few years ago were preferably white or beige, nowadays take on Mediterranean to pastel tones and bathe the entire room in a special flair. Added to this are the new ceramic options, which enable a completely different surface design for tiles. In this way, the bathroom can also be designed in real wood without having to forego the technical advantages of a tile. 

Courage for color and renaissance in the bathroom

It’s not just the surfaces that inspire. Today there is definitely courage to use color in the bathroom. This does not necessarily mean the plain red or plain green – modern means that it can be colorful and patterned. Feeling good does not necessarily mean boredom; But on the contrary. Even Art Nouveau design is back in trend today. This also makes the direction in which the design of the modern bathroom is heading clearer: it should be fresh, dynamic and individual. Gone are the days of schematic uniformity. Modern tiles are not significantly more expensive than they used to be. Ultimately, the advantages of ceramic tiles are also noticeable in the wallet due to their longer service life and lower care and maintenance requirements. Because the advantages of ceramic tiles in the bathroom such as better hygiene, environmental friendliness,

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