What is important when installing the new shower in the bathroom

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Manufacturers now offer a diverse range of shower stalls, such as special wellness showers, steam showers, eco rain showers or individually adjustable shower rails. But can everything be installed anywhere without any problems? And what about water consumption and a clear conscience?

all about the water pressure At the beginning of a renovation you should know your personal shower habits: How would you like the water that comes from above? Rather bundled and powerful, right up to the massage jet, or rather mild like a warm summer rain. “To do this, you should test the water pressure in advance,” says expert Goldmann. Often the pressure is quite normal if you just turn on the cold water. If this drops when mixed with warm water, then there may be a defect or calcification in the warm water system. That should then be fixed. “The right pressure and the right nozzles are particularly important with side showers,” explains the expert.

Individually adjustable
shower rail “Shower rails are not so attractive, but a practical alternative,” says Goldmann. “Especially when people of different heights take a shower, like a family.” The range of motion of a shower rail is usually between 65 and 90 cm. Young and old can jump in the shower and adjust the shower individually. The shower bar is also useful if you don’t want to get your hair wet every time.

Lower water consumption
High-quality fittings save water consumption because air is added to the water. “Hansgrohe has an eco rain shower that I often recommend to my customers,” says Ms. Goldmann. “The rain shower should not be installed too high, usually not higher than 2.30 meters, otherwise the water will get cold until it hits the body.” However, you should pay particular attention to: Do ​​not just look at the look. Take hold of the fitting and simulate usage. You quickly notice when something doesn’t really fit.

Single-lever mixers save water
Everyone for whom saving water is an important issue opts for a single-lever mixer. The two-lever mixer, on the other hand, dominates those who want a nostalgic component in the bathroom. It looks perfect, especially with the classic cross handles.

Does shower thermostat make sense?
Do you no longer want to wait until the shower water has reached the right temperature? Invest in an electronic shower thermostat and the water comes to the desired temperature in seconds. Even the water pressure can be controlled. Thermostats are available with a hot water lock set to 38 degrees. And: “They are a reliable protection against scalding, an important consideration, for example with children in the household,” says Maritta Goldmann. Ultimately, however, it is about your own showering habits, which make the decision about the thermostat sensible or not. “If you are a fan of alternating showers, then a thermostat is rather annoying.”

Wellness steam shower
expert Goldmann advises that an expert be consulted in any case with a steam shower: “Depending on the size of the room, the expert can plan the installation of the steam generator.” Skin becomes really clean down to the pores. This turns the ordinary shower into a real wellness treatment.

Barrier-free considerations
Single-lever mixers with temperature limiters are useful for barrier-free showers. The lever should point downwards and the fitting should be accessible from a sitting position at a height of 85 centimeters above the shower floor. And: So that a wheelchair user can drive in and turn around, the shower also needs a sufficiently large area. The minimum dimension of a barrier-free shower is specified in DIN 18040-2 as an area of ​​120 by 120 centimeters, for wheelchair users the area must even be 150 by 150 centimeters. It is best to get advice from a bathroom expert.

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