Mattress buying guide in Pakistan


Knowing how to buy mattresses has become a skill. It’s no secret that most large mattress stores have a lot to do when it comes to pricing. It is easy to find super discounts and mega deals of 50% to 90% on mattresses and this price dance may turn out to be too much for many.

How to buy mattresses

In this quick and simple guide, I will teach you the tricks that I have been learning over time on how to buy mattresses at a good price and avoid uncomfortable negotiations. These are the steps:

Step 1: Research

To learn how to buy mattresses, do a little research on the internet to familiarize yourself with the experience buying mattresses entails and what to expect. This will allow you to be a little more comfortable and gain confidence when you go to the store to test mattresses. 

Step 2: The store

Go to a reputable store and go through their selection process. Use Google Maps if you don’t know any near your home. If you want to know how to choose the right mattress, my mattress guide is a good resource. The short version is “check support and make sure the mattress is not causing pressure on any part of your body.”

Step 3: Don’t buy a mattress yet

This is the key step. Let the seller know that you are still comparing mattresses and mattress prices. Most stores use a price match or beat policy. If you have your mobile handy, you can do it in the store itself if you really liked the mattress. If not, go home and take your time with the computer.

The seller will react in one of the following ways at this time:

  • He or she may lower the price immediately, or offer to call the boss to check first. Listen to what they have to say because you might be interested.
  • Some sellers may offer to compare competing models on their own pages. If the seller is trustworthy this can save you time, but you cannot trust everyone or they may not even know how to compare the materials of other brands’ mattresses.
  • They may say “okay” and let you go. Many marketers are overly persistent so this option saves you a bit of the hassle.

In my opinion, if you are not very convinced, it is best to leave and think about it calmly.

Repeat this step as many times as you consider necessary with other stores if you have time.

Step 4: Compare mattresses

Search the internet for the same or a similar model with a cheaper price. I also have a guide on how to compare mattresses that can help you in this process.

Step 5: Match or improve the price

Return to the store with the result of the comparison in hand. Have the page where the price is ready or take it printed. This is a good trick when it comes to buying mattresses. Tell the seller directly that if you can beat the price of the competition, you get the mattress.

If not possible, you can buy it online. Most likely, the seller will accept the proposal to at least match the price. If he can only match it, maybe they’ll roll up and give you a mattress protector, a pillow,  or a discount on a new set of bedsheets.

If the seller refuses to match the price, ask if you can discuss it with the manager. If you have not been able to find the same cheaper model and what you have brought is an equivalent model from another brand, it is possible that the seller will tell you that it does not have the same characteristics as the other model.

In this case, ask what the differences are exactly. If they give you good reasons (such as that one has more latex or springs than the other), ask if they have an equivalent model to the one you have proposed. Do not be fooled by technicalities of the doubtful origin or cheap marketing, ask about the materials and manufacture of one and the other.

If the seller doesn’t trust you, buy it online. There is no need to argue and give your money to a store that does not want it. Most sellers are legal and will give you a good deal.

Conclusion: How to buy mattresses

Well, this is all about how to buy mattresses friends. Familiarize yourself with the process of buying mattresses, choose 1 or 2 mattress models, compare prices and models online, go back to the store or ask the online store if they can match or improve the price of the mattress you like. Also, check if there are discount coupons for mattresses.

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