Goodbye tiles – laminate and parquet are conquering the bathroom

bathroom tile

In the area of ​​modern living, the bathroom has abandoned the antiquated image of the useful wet cell in recent years and is increasingly becoming a private oasis of well-being. Accordingly, more and more homeowners attach particular importance to comfort and individuality in the context of interior design. Thanks to the development of modern laminate and parquet floors, it has recently been possible to banish clinically-looking tiles from the bathroom and replace them with a noble floor with a wood look.

What is moisture-proof laminate?

Not least due to the fact that most laminate floors have a tendency to swell with the slightest contact with standing liquids, this type of floor covering has long been considered an absolute taboo for bathrooms. Taking into account the constant striving for individuality, numerous manufacturers have developed special moisture-proof products that withstand water, care products and harsh cleaning agents just as well as tiles. In contrast to classic floor coverings, so-called “Aqua Floor” laminate does not consist of wood or pressed material that is sensitive to swelling, but of a plastic carrier layer that is provided with a foil with a wood look. Significantly higher quality but also correspondingly cost-intensive are products whose HDF carrier board has been completely impregnated with the help of special resins, so that moisture cannot even penetrate the material. But there are also different types of tropical wood that are suitable for the use of parquet and laminate in the bathroom, as they can withstand the humidity.

Individual oasis of well-being thanks to a wide range

Particularly due to the variety of products and the sometimes considerable price differences, ambitious builders should seek advice from specialist retailers, because in terms of design diversity, the range is already as large as in the area of ​​classic parcel or laminate flooring. As a result, homeowners can choose between light shades such as beech or rustic-looking products with a walnut look, depending on their preferences. In addition to the visual effect, which makes the bathroom not only larger but also more inviting, the floor covering creates a completely new haptic sensation when entering the room. Homeowners in particular who do not have integrated underfloor heating will appreciate the laminate,

This is how the floor lasts in the long term

The only disadvantage in addition to the significantly higher price is the fact that moisture-proof laminate, despite its special material properties, is significantly more maintenance-intensive than tiles. Laying wet laminate is also a bit of a challenge.

As a result, a few care tips should be observed and precautions should be taken to preserve the floor over the long term. This primarily concerns the fact that the formation of pools of water should be avoided by using shower rugs and a closed shower. In this context, special real wood floors, which should be sanded with fine sandpaper and re-oiled every three years, to ensure long-term durability are particularly maintenance-intensive.

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