10 Ideas How To Freshen Up Your Home

living room decor

Would you like a breath of fresh air for your living space, but you don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on it? Oh yes – and should it work as quickly as possible? We have 10 upgrade ideas that you can use to spruce up your home and save your budget.

1. Buy new cushion covers

Bring your sofa and your mood going: Cushion covers are quickly replaced and give the room a new look in no time. Anyone who can use the sewing machine has a particularly large number of great fabrics and patterns to choose from. With a hotel fastener (without buttons and zipper), they can be removed even more quickly, washed, and, if necessary, replaced again.

2. Hang up new curtains

You can give your windows a new frame in no time by exchanging the curtains. There is now a large selection of ready-made scarves in different colors and materials that can be hung up quickly and are also inexpensive.

3. Re-equip the picture bar

With new pictures, you can give a room a different face quickly and inexpensively. In simple interchangeable frames (for example in neutral colors such as black or white) you can always display other photos, prints, or drawings and redesign the wall as you wish.

4. Hanging up

a large mirror promises new perspectives. You can either hang it on the wall or place it casually on the floor. Cleverly placed, it opens the room and reflects a lot of light into it. Most frames can be painted over without any problems so that you can design your “piece of gold” yourself while saving your budget.

5. Paint chairs with color

You can paint delicate metal chairs yourself and give them a new look in no time at all and with little financial outlay. Sand lightly, remove the dust, and then repaint. A convenient alternative to brushing is varnish for spraying, which can be easily, quickly, and evenly applied. Of course, this also works with wooden chairs.

6. Covering chairs with chair cushions and covers

Chairs can also be spiced up with cushions and covers quickly and easily. Depending on your skill and budget, you can either sew them yourself or have them made by the interior decorator. In both cases, a relatively inexpensive way to give the dining area a new look with little effort.

7. Wallpapering an accent wall A roll of wallpaper

If you only want to venture into a smaller area for the time being: A single strip of wallpaper is also ideally suited to mark a certain living area. Non-woven wallpaper is applied directly to the pasted wall and is particularly easy to work with.

8. Reloading the lampshade

Large, simple lampshades in particular can be reloaded with a little manual skill. You need a heat-resistant lampshade film, a special paste, and a sharp cutter to work cleanly and precisely. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to the choice of fabric.

9. Arranging individual leaves

Who says that it always has to be an expensive bouquet? An inexpensive alternative to large bouquets is individual twigs or sophisticated leaves, which – arranged in simple vases or glasses – come into their own. They decorate large dining tables as well as small side tables.

10. Sort books by color

A bookshelf can be given a new look in no time at all if you simply put the books together in a completely different way than before. 

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