How to find favorite sofas


The modern sofa is no longer just for putting your feet up. Clever designs and new technology make it multipurpose furniture for the whole family. Browse through the new and comfortable sofa models here, all of which have the potential to become your favorite sofa.

How do you find the right sofa?

By answering two questions. Firstly, where should the sofa be? Hence how big it can be. Second: What are the needs in terms of seating comfort and use? Can it only look good? Then you have free choice and should only make sure that the backrest and armrests, seat depth, and height fit your own body measurements, so try it out! Anyone who wants to work, eat or sleep on the new sofa needs advice from a specialist retailer – after all, upholstered furniture is not cheap and should therefore ideally suit the new owner.

Which sofas are big enough for the whole family?

Those are called cultivation programs. Depending on the number of family members, you can plan them in any desired dimension, they can be expanded, rebuilt, completed, and recombined after moving house at any time. Thanks to the modular structure of the upholstery range, each element of the sofa fits perfectly with the other. And they are friends for life because brand manufacturers such as Bretz or B&B Italia make it possible to buy individual elements even years after they have been purchased.

Where can you find sustainable upholstered furniture?

If you want a “clean” sofa that not only looks good but whose interior is designed to be environmentally friendly, you should only look around at brand manufacturers and buy from specialist retailers instead of online. Unlike takeaway discounters, specialist sellers are able to ask about used sofas Materials, the origin of the furniture, and the quality of manufacture Are the wooden parts veneered or solid? How strong are the frames and fittings? What forms were used and how durable are they? Can the furniture be repaired and reupholstered if necessary? What is the cover made of? Can it be removed and how does it feel? Trust your senses too: Nobody wants upholstered furniture in the house that doesn’t smell good.

Which is easier to care for: fabric or leather?

If small children and pets live on the sofa, robust, cheaper and in any case, removable fabric covers that can be easily vacuumed or washed are an advantage. Tip: Pay attention to the abrasion resistance – the higher the so-called Martindale value, the more durable the cover. Leather on sofas is generally a little more care-intensive but can be wiped off. And if you clean and impregnate it regularly with special care products, it is a very sustainable, long-lasting cover material that becomes more and more beautiful over time.

Which sofas are best for small children?

Should the new sofa be used as a bouncy castle to withstand the gymnastics of the youngsters? Then you need a model that is padded all around with several layers of foam and is really nice and robust. In addition, feet or floor surfaces should be non-slip so that the furniture does not move even when the little ones romp around on it. Tip: Systems such as the “Cubit Sofa” consist of individual upholstery modules that can also be completely replaced in the event of a total loss.

Finding the right sofa – our tips for dimensions, seat height, material, and color

What type of sofa?

First, ask yourself what the new sofa needs to be able to do and who will be sitting on it. Should the sofa look more representative? Or do you need a large, easy-care family sofa? Do you want a sofa bed, or do you want a chaise longue to watch TV? Does a classic corner solution fit better than two sofas facing each other? Important: Develop healthy selfishness, because most of the time you will be sitting on the new sofa yourself – and not your guests!

How big does the right sofa have to be?

Where should the new sofa be? How much space is there? Measure and draw up a sketch, this creates clarity. Important: include the space next to and behind the sofa. Consider folding and swiveling backrests! Upholstered furniture has a silly habit of appearing smaller in the furniture store than it actually is. Tip: Recreate the sofa you prefer using moving boxes. This makes it clear whether it is perhaps too big for your room.

Seat height and depth of the matching sofa

Older people have problems with low cushions because the lower the sofa, the harder it is to get up. Of course, being able to sit and stand up comfortably also depends on your height. A medium seat height is approx. 40 cm, the medium seat depth for sitting upright is approx. 55 cm. Logically: the deeper the sofa, the more likely it is that the seat becomes a bed. Changeable upholstered furniture with adjustable seat depth and height is in trend.

Which sofa cover for the sofa?

Fabric sofa covers have the advantage of being available in hundreds of colors and designs. Whether made from natural fibers such as wool and cotton or from resilient synthetic fibers, it is important to find out about the durability of the fabric. This is measured in abrasion cycles, which should be 10,000 for flat fabrics and 20,000 for valor. Also, ask for the lightfastness rating (6 is the best) and the rub fastness rating (5 is the best). Fabric sofa covers are usually cheaper than covers made of leather or microfibre. Nevertheless, almost half of all sofas are sold with a leather cover. Leather furniture is still classic for the living room. Natural (aniline) leather is pleasant to the touch and to use because it is breathable. “Covered” leathers are cheaper, but because of the color application they have closed pores and there is no temperature equalization.

What color should the sofa be?

The sofa is probably the largest piece of furniture that we own. Therefore, it should get a suitable color. Rule of thumb: small sofas can be a bit brighter, and large ones should be kept in more neutral tones. If the bright upholstery gets boring, you can always counteract this with a colorful cushion collection.

upholstery comfort

Renowned and well-known sofa manufacturers always offer seat cushions and cushions with different degrees of firmness, because depending on body weight and individual feelings, firmer or softer cushions are more comfortable.


The inner workings of the upholstered furniture, i.e. the structural design and the type of upholstery, are decisive for good quality. High-quality sofas have a spring base made of taut wave springs (springs) or elastic belts. Frame and suspension should be well matched. The seat consists best of a foamed-in spring core, a multi-layer cold foam upholstery, or molded foam. The quality of a foam is determined by its density. Formula: The heavier, the denser, the better! A dimensionally stable seat foam weighs at least 35 kilograms per cubic meter.

Sofa cover care?

Upholstery sofa covers made of smooth leather are hard-wearing and easy to clean. Rough leather is naturally more sensitive to dirt. Sofa Covers made of microfibre, such as Alcantara, are easy to care for and hard-wearing, making them ideal for families with children or pet owners. Fabric sofa covers, which are removable, can be cleaned without much effort. If they are treated with stain protection, they will look good for longer.

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