How to buy bedsheets in Pakistan

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When it comes to learning how to buy bedsheets, there are many factors to consider, and these are one of the least valued household items. Many people buy sheets based solely on the color they are. Some more “sophisticated” clients look at the number of threads and the quality of the seam. It’s enough? We are going to analyze some other factors to consider when buying sheets in order to get a better night’s rest.

There are many factors to consider when comparing sheet sets. The element that most people consider the most important is the number of threads. The more threads, in general, the softer the sheet will feel and the longer it will last. However, this is not always true.

 You can have a 1500 thread count bed sheets set that is weaker than a 400 thread count. Many people also rely on the colors of the sheets but I do not enter that subject because I am not an interior designer.

In addition to the number of threads and color, you should consider the material, the fabric, the depth and all the elements that make up the different types of these products when buying bed sheets. Explore more bed sheets in Pakistan.

Buy bedsheets according to their raw material

There are many materials that sheets are made from today. These are the most popular:

  • Cotton – Cotton is the most common material used in sheets. The best type of cotton for sheets is supposedly Gossypium barbadense (Egyptian cotton) . Egyptian cotton plants (known as “long strand” cotton) produce, as the name suggests, longer than usual strands used to make high quality yarn. This is a good inexpensive Egyptian cotton sheet .
  • Microfiber : Microfiber is a synthetic fiber made up of polyester and sometimes nylon fibers. It tends to last a long time although it is not as comfortable as cotton. The biggest benefit of microfiber sheets is their price. Microfiber sheets are among the easiest sheets to find. There are high quality children’s bedsheets that mix cotton and microfiber.
  • Flannel : Flannel is normally made from wool but can be combined with cotton or other synthetic materials. Technically flannel is a type of fabric and not a material itself. Flannel sheets are especially popular during the winter months because of how good they are at keeping you warm, although they are also used in summer in areas where it cools at night. Unlike other materials, flannel sheets do not usually specify the number of threads they carry but the weight in a certain area, usually grams per square meter. Here is a good selection of winter bedsheets .
  • Silk : Silk sheets feel very soft to the touch and, with proper care, last a long time. However, caring for silk sheets requires considerably more work than any other type of sheet. Silk sheets should be hand washed the first few times to “loosen.” In the following washes, already in the washing machine, we must put the delicate clothes cycle with cold water and use detergent for delicate garments. In addition to this effort when it comes to washing them, silk sheets are expensive. This is why most of us don’t use silk sheets.

How to buy bedsheets according to the type of fabric

Apart from the material from which the sheets are made, the type of fabric with which they are made determines how their final touch will be and how durable they are. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Percale : The calico fabric can be said to be the “standard” fabric where the vertical and horizontal threads cross each other one at a time. Calico is strong and has a clean touch.
  • Satin : This fabric gives the bedsheet a softer touch, in the style of silk, but with the disadvantage that it does not last long. In this weave, the threads cross over four others and then pass under the next. This fabric is called satin if it is made of cotton or another similar material, otherwise it is called satin.
  • Satin : The same type of fabric as satin but made up of nylon, polyester or silk.
  • Knitted : Knitted sheets are made in the style of T-shirts. They are soft and comfortable but can shrink (like T-shirts).

Mattress height for bedsheets

Another element to consider is the depth of your mattress. If your mattress is soft and you sink when you lie down (like some memory foam for example), you should take into account the measurements of the sheets and check that they are designed to fit your type of mattress.

 On the label it usually puts the height or depth of the bedsheets and you can also ask the seller of the home clothing store ( or contact us directly) for advice on which are the best bedsheets for your type of mattress.

 For example, if your mattress is 20 cm. and the bedsheet says that it is valid for 20 cm mattresses. It’s possible that if your mattress is soft, the corners of the sheet will loosen, especially if you sleep near the edge. The added weight of a person lying on the mattress will cause the sheet to loosen if it came too tight from the beginning.

 At the same time, don’t go buying a bedsheet much bigger than your mattress. The bedsheet will end up forming a mess in the bed creating irregularities in the surface that will disturb you when sleeping.

Additional elements

Some bedsheets include extra elements to make them more attractive. For example, some types of sheets have elastic bands at the bottom corners to keep the mattress even tighter.

This is especially helpful if you have an articulated or motorized bed. Others claim to be anti-wrinkle or anti-allergic (this comes with the type of material they are made of). Take a look at these bonus items to help you decide what types of sheets to buy.


In conclusion, do not rely solely on the number of threads and the color to make a decision when buying bedsheets that are best for you. A low thread count bedsheet but made from Egyptian cotton with satin weave has a much better feel and will last longer than a 1500 thread count microfiber sheet. If you are going to buy online, ask for the specifications if they are not clearly visible in the description or one of the photos.

If you have something to add to this guide, you are welcome to do so in the comments section. We also invite you to take a look at this wide selection of sheets that we recommend. I hope this information has been useful to you, if so please share it. Thanks so much for reading.

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