How to arrange pillows in a stylish way

how to decor pillow

Decorative pillows give a room freshness and cosiness in no time. But how many pillows should there be? Which colors go well together? And what about shapes and patterns? We have put together seven basics for you in our pillow guide.

1. The number
An arrangement of an even number of pillows makes a tidy impression, but it can also appear a bit out of date and boring. An uneven number is more inviting and, above all, more casual. It is important to have free spaces in between so that you don’t have to fight your way through a mountain of pillows before you can sit down. In addition, the beautiful arrangement can unfold much better with a little visual calm around it.

2. The color world
There are basically two possibilities: Either the colors of the pillows harmonize with the colors that are already available in the room. This means that they go perfectly with an accent wall, carpet or curtains, for example . Or they form a clear contrast: if the furnishings are neutral (for example black and white), the cushions can dance out of line in terms of color.

3. The pattern mix
plain, striped, checked or flowery – the selection of pillow patterns is large. However, if you want to arrange pillows with different patterns, you need a sure instinct. It’s best to stay within a color family. Do not put more than three or a maximum of five different pillows together. 

4. The choice of fabrics and materials
Be brave and combine very different fabrics with each other. With such a mix of materials, it is only important that a common thread runs through the composition. If all pillows come from the same color scheme or have a similar pattern, you are welcome to bring together different fabrics such as velvet, wool, cotton, silk or fur .

5. The sizes and formats
Different shapes, sizes and formats bring variety into play and bring the arrangement to life. The following applies: It is best to place large cushions at the back, smaller ones in the middle or at the very front. The pillow that stands out most clearly from the others in terms of format (for example a round, star-shaped, shaggy, …), you put in the limelight: It gets a place of honor in the first row.

6. Trends and seasons
pillows can be wonderfully adapted to the respective season or the seasonally hip color trends . If you have a relatively neutral basic set of two to four pillows, you can wonderfully add a few copies in trendy colors to them. In spring, delicate pastel tones provide freshness, in autumn warm orange and dark berry tones look interesting and cozy.

7. Where do pillows fit?
In addition to the classic arrangement on the sofa, there are of course many other places that you can decorate and enhance with a few pillows. But be careful, the same applies here: less is more. It is better to place a nice eye-catcher than scatter pillows at random. Headboard, lounge chair, dining room chair and bench are wonderfully suitable. Large-format floor cushions also look cozy and inviting on a cozy carpet.

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