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how bean bag is made

Beanbags Pakistan – Make beanbags yourself – with these instructions you can sew and fill your own beanbag easily.

If you sew a beanbag yourself, you have the opportunity to realize yourself in your lounging corner and do not have to resort to the mostly monotonous bean bags off the rack. If you make XXL bean bags yourself, you also know exactly what it consists of: You decide on the fabric and bean bag filling material and determine the costs yourself. You can find bean bags in Lahore online also.

Material for the beanbag

  • Fabric scraps in your favorite colors
  • scissors
  • Felt pen
  • ruler
  • Cardboard or paper for large stencils
  • Styrofoam chips or EPS beads for the filling
  • Sewing machine and sewing thread

Instructions for the beanbag

Can’t wait to make yourself comfortable in the beanbag? But first, it’s time to draw, sew and fill.

1. Bean bags Items

To give the beanbag an even shape, make three templates from cardboard or paper: a larger and smaller hexagon for the bottom and top and a long, trapezoidal strip for the side parts. Transfer the shapes to the scraps of fabric using a template and cut them out; the side part six times. If you want your crumple stool to be nice and large, choose the following dimensions, for example:

  • A hexagon for the floor with a diameter of about 90 centimeters and an edge length of 45 centimeters each;
  • A hexagon for the tip with a diameter of 60 centimeters and an edge length of 30 centimeters;
  • The matching side strips are 95 centimeters long, 47 centimeters on the lower side, and 33 centimeters wide on the upper side.

2. Bean bag Fabric cover

First, sew the trapezoidal side strips together to form a cover: the narrower edges form the upper opening, and the wider edges the lower one. So that the beanbag is really robust later on, you should also serge the seams with a zigzag stitch. Then close the cover: To do this, insert the smaller hexagon on the upper opening (edge ​​on edge) and sew it on. Use the same principle to sew on the hexagon for the floor. Just don’t sew the hexagon completely, you will have to fill the bean bags later.

3. Bean bag Inner life

Now there’s food: turn the beanbag inside out and fill it up with enough styrofoam chips. If it is too full, you will not be able to slouch into it later – less is more.

4. Interface

With the help of the sewing machine, you draw the line by sewing up the hole in the floor. Now is the time for a break: the new cuddly place is already ready. Now you know how a bean bag is made. And you can do it.

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