Furnishing the living room – inspiration and ideas for your living room

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Not only a comfortable sofa and a television are important components of a living room. Nowadays living rooms are more than just a place of retreat to end the evening comfortably. It is the center of the home and of living together.

Regardless of whether you want to move into a new apartment or renovate your old living room, here you will find tips and ideas for furnishing your living room comfortably and according to your taste.

What types of living room are there?

Since there are different apartments, there are also different rooms that can be set up as living rooms. Small or large rooms, rooms with many niches and corners and much more. Here are some tips for you if you have a small or large room.

Furnishing ideas for small living rooms

Setting up small rooms is usually more difficult than designing large rooms with a lot of space. In small rooms it can quickly look chaotic and untidy.

It is therefore important that when buying furniture, one should ensure that it can be used for more than just its actual function. For example, there are many types of stools or tables in which you can store and tidy things in addition to the normal function. With such stools, you saved yourself additional shelves that might not have fit into the room.

With small rooms it is important to find space-saving and multifunctional furniture. The wall color and the color of the furniture also have a major impact on the effect of the room. Light colors and light furniture make the room appear much larger than dark tones.

Furnishing ideas for large living rooms

In contrast to small rooms, large rooms are easier to design because there are more options for arranging furniture in a wide variety of ways. In large rooms, you don’t have to worry about the room looking too small due to the color of the walls or the color of the furniture.

Of course you can let off steam at the facility, but there are also little things that you have to consider. With larger rooms, it can quickly appear as if you are lost in the room. It is therefore important to set up the room in a structured way and, for example, to use a room divider to keep the living room cozy.

The living room should also not be too cluttered with too many objects, as this can also have a chaotic effect. As far as the wall color or design of the room is concerned, you have all the freedom and can live out your wishes and preferences without paying attention to certain regulations. In large rooms it is also very inviting when the walls are brightly colored and colorful.

Short Summary

  • Setting up small rooms seems like a challenge at first glance. With the right furniture and the right colors, even small rooms can look really big
  • Multifunctional shelves and stools can be of great advantage and very space-saving
  • With large rooms, you have freedom in furnishing and design
  • Bright colors and different arrangements of the furniture make the room cozy and inviting and not appear too far

How do I design my living room with dining area?

A corner sofa in a small apartment with an open kitchen. 
(Photo: svabic / Pixabay.com)

Living rooms are often set up as a living area with an open kitchen and dining room.

A corner sofa looks very cozy in such rooms, as it takes up little space and, in conjunction with the kitchen, separates the room. This has a very open and cozy effect, especially in large apartments, since the entire life takes place in one room in which you can end the evening comfortably while watching TV, as well as enjoying the meal together.

How do I design my living and sleeping area in a small apartment?

In many apartments, the living room and bedroom are one and the same room. This is often the case in a very small apartment in which, for example, only the kitchen and bathroom are separate from each other and only one room is available for living.

Since there aren’t too many options for designing the room in small rooms, the right choice of furniture is important.

A so-called sofa bed is useful here. During the day you can use it as a normal sofa, for example to receive visitors or to spend the day comfortably in the living room. In the evening, the sofa can be quickly converted into a bed without much effort.

A chest of drawers is also suitable as a cupboard in smaller rooms, in which you can store all items of clothing, but still place the television on it, for example.

This saves a lot of space and the room does not seem overcrowded, as there is no large closet that makes the room appear even smaller.

In medium-sized apartments you can of course have a real bed in addition to a real couch. However, it is advisable to divide the room into a living and sleeping area using a room divider.

This works best with an open, possibly malleable shelf, as this separates the room, but still makes a very open impression. In this case, the room can also be divided up with carpets or different colors.

Different furnishing styles for the living room

Would you like to change or improve your furnishing style? Before you start with the conversion, you should always be clear about which style you want to use.

Not only does the decoration play an important role, but also the right selection of the right furniture and the design of the walls or the floor.

Since there are many options and many different styles, avoiding a mixture of several. Here are some tips and ideas on how to design your living room.

Modern living room

The most important aspects of a modern interior are probably the clear shapes and lines, as well as subtle and calm colors such as black and white or various shades of brown.

In addition to the color, the material of the furniture is also very important. In order to make a room look modern, shiny furniture and decorative elements are recommended.

Color accents such as pillows in bright and bright colors make the room look modern. Dark elements should be avoided as they often look old-fashioned.

Country style living room

The well-known country house style is influenced by the country, nature and people. This furnishing style often brings a touch of the past into your living room.

In the German country house style, old country furniture and ocher and brown tones are often used. the country house style usually looks very cozy and homely, but it is the exact opposite of a modern style.

It is not the straight shapes and lines of the furniture that matter, but the cozy effect of the furniture and the feeling of living in the country.

Living room in Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is a mix of modern and country style. However, the typical old-fashioned decorations of the country house style are dispensed with.

Furniture made of wood, mostly light wood, is generally used. Pastel colors are also very popular, as are motifs of animals and nature.

Vintage living room

The vintage style can be very cozy and inviting. 
(Image source: Daniil Silantey / unsplash.com)

When it comes to vintage style, the most important thing is not just the right choice of furniture, but also the right decoration. Vintage is a furnishing style that brings the past back a bit, so to speak.

Most people experience a sense of coziness and wellbeing with this style, as it takes on elements of the 1960s and 1970s.

However, that does not mean that you only use old furniture when furnishing in vintage style. Not just because it’s old or looks old, it also means that it goes together.

This style works best when you move in one style epoch and don’t mix up and mix up several epochs.
A well-known feature is probably the sofa, which has a very brightly colored color in most vintage apartments.

Oriental style living room

With the oriental style, most people want to get the feeling of “1001 nights” into their living room.

This is best achieved with many different textiles, especially silk or typical oriental carpets. The oriental style also depends on the decorations and small elements made of copper or metal.

Small decorative elements such as oriental lanterns and lamps with warm light, together with carpets, quickly bring the feeling of the Occident. Cushions with small patterns such as flowers or geometric shapes are also eye-catchers.

It is better to use cushion covers to protect cushions from dust. The most important colors are warm tones, as well as various orange, red and yellow tones. Smaller embroidery with blue accents also has a special effect.

Feng Shui in the living room

Feng Shui comes from the Chinese world and does not describe a feeling, but rather an attitude to life, which can also be brought into the furnishing of living rooms.

The most important thing about this facility is, so to speak, the positive that this feeling radiates.
It is important how objects are arranged in the living room and where exactly they are. These facilities usually have a very calming effect on people and radiate a kind of security.

For the living room to look like this, however, it is important to pay attention to the elements of Feng Shui and to buy the furniture accordingly. A lot of water is used in Feng Shui rooms. Small indoor fountains, which are available in any design, are best suited for this.

But not only water brings a calming charisma in connection with it. There should also be some plants in a Feng Shui living room.

There are many different interior design styles, all of which have a different effect on people. But you should always be careful not to mix different styles together! So always be aware of what you want and how it should look.

Ideas for furnishing your living room

# 1 colors as a design element

Colors are an important design point, especially in the living room. It is up to you which colors you would like to have in your living room. However, the size of the room is an important decision factor.

Bright bright or dark colors should only be used in large rooms, as it can appear overwhelming in small rooms, but also very chaotic. In small rooms you should always make sure that light and calm tones are used as wall paint.

In general, only two to three main colors should be used in the living room so as not to make it look too messy.

With regard to decorative elements, you can of course use many different colors, but they should still harmonize with one another in certain points. Of course, brightly colored pillows can also be used as decoration in small rooms.

But if you don’t want to paint the walls and colorful pillows don’t bring enough color into the room, colorful carpets and curtains are a good way to make walls and floors look fresher and more lively.

# 2 light as a decorative element

What many people don’t realize is that light plays a crucial role in a living room. For example, if there is little daylight, the room appears gloomy and very artificial in the long run. Dark corners should be avoided, especially in small rooms, as these make the room appear smaller.

Of course, a window is not a main component in every apartment, so it is always good to play with the light. In order to make it look cozy, you should equip all corners that can appear dark with a warm but bright light.

However, it also depends on the furnishing style. In a modern living room, bright white light can also look very cozy. In a country house style living room, however, white light is less effective than cozy warm white light. Shelves with colored lighting can also be a real eye-catcher in larger rooms.

# 3 Decoration for beautiful home

Plants have a calming effect on people and can be used as decorative elements. 
(Photo: milivanily / Pixabay.com)

A room with decorative elements always looks different than a room without any decoration. However, you shouldn’t overdo it. A small room that is crammed full of decoration quickly becomes overcrowded and chaotic and you don’t feel comfortable in it. So you should arrange the home decor things beautifully.

Even a large room with too much decoration in one place can appear overcrowded. Therefore you should always be aware of it and the saying: “A lot helps a lot.” brush out of his head.

Individual objects such as picture frames, geometric sculptures or the like on shelves can on the one hand look very modern, on the other hand they can also look oriental or cozy, adapted to the style.

Plants are also a great help. Of course you shouldn’t build a jungle out of your living room, but one or the other plant can be very calming and beautiful.

# 4 Arranging the furniture

The most important piece of furniture in the living room is the sofa. Most of the time, the sofa is placed in the corner, if it is a corner sofa, or against the wall. However, it doesn’t have to be. A sofa can be used as a room divider and works particularly well as a free-standing piece of furniture in the middle of the room.

For example, the living room looks much more open and inviting if the shelf, sofa and armchair are not next to each other on the wall, but are freely distributed in the room so that these pieces of furniture interact.

Since the sofa is usually the so-called center of the living room, it looks particularly good when it is free in the room and invites you to sit down. Even carpets don’t always have to be straight and parallel to the wall. How about putting the faux fur mats rug in the room at an angle?

# 5 Effect of furniture

Furniture can have many different effects, depending on how you arrange or decorate it in the room. A sofa, for example, looks more inviting in the middle of the room than squeezed into a niche on a wall.

Even a shelf, which may have always been on the wall, can suddenly achieve a completely different effect as a room divider and thus make the entire room look different.

If you have a very large living room, you may have an armchair or stool in addition to the sofa. Doesn’t it seem more comfortable to turn it into a small sitting area than to have everything spread out in the room?

It is always important to use the right choice of colors and the right amount of decoration. Too much can seem overcrowded and colorful walls are not always an advantage. Also try to design your room more freely!

Conclusion – how do I design my living room correctly?

Now you know how to deal with your living room and you can set up your new living room or renovate your old living room with success according to your room size and your desired furnishing style.

Once you have decided on a style, there are numerous ways to implement it and to furnish a beautiful living room according to your wishes with the smallest elements and the right selection.

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