Furnish the kitchen Decor in Pakistan in a country style

kitchen decor

The country-style kitchen is everything else like out because this furnishing style is still synonymous with comfort and is associated with the tranquility of country life. Many associates ancient cuisine with their own carefree childhood in the country, the time when their grandmother pampered them with delicious dishes. 

The appearance of the country house kitchen is mainly dominated by natural materials. This includes wood, as well as a basket, terracotta, or stone. Earth tones are contrasted with bright colors such as yellow, green, or red. Floral elements are also typical of the rustic furnishing style for the kitchen decor. Of course, large windows should not be missing so that the country kitchen retains its warm charm.

Furnishing a country kitchen – what should you watch out for?

  • Furniture wood :
    Wood types such as cherry, alder, or hickory are perfect for the rustic kitchen. But no other type of wood has such a rural charm as pine. The pine has a unique texture, the color scheme of which can range from deep dark orange to dark brown. The knotholes in the wood give the kitchen island, worktops, and kitchen cabinets their very own character.
  • The floor covering :
    In the traditionally designed kitchens, tile flooring is usually common. But you will not find the tile flooring in the country house style, because natural flooring is mandatory with this furnishing style. Pinewood is also recommended here because the wood is extremely robust.
  • The ceiling :
    In a country house kitchen, the ceiling is usually designed to be expansive. Bars and buttresses should not be missing in the ceiling design. Even in a “new building”, such a look can be implemented retrospectively by inserting a few prefabricated beams. These beams can hardly be distinguished from real ones, but they have no load-bearing purpose.
  • The kitchen furniture :
    The household appliances and the rustic kitchen furniture are arranged in the country house kitchen directly on the walls so that there is enough space to set up a solid real wood table in the center. In addition, comfortable chairs and/or the kitchen bench made of real wood should not be missing. Since country kitchen furniture usually has a large work surface, you have a lot of space to cook for your loved ones. The heating should be installed directly under the windows so that a corresponding amount of space is retained.

Tip: Wrought iron fittings should not be missing in the typical country kitchen. As well as some flower pots with kitchen herbs, a bread bin and a handful of cookbooks.

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