Door Wallpapers

Door Wallpaper

Actually, you feel quite comfortable in your apartment if it weren’t for the scratched doors. Unfortunately, you lack the time and money to refurbish them or replace them with new ones. Maybe door wallpaper is a practical alternative for you. You can read here what you should consider when choosing a door poster.

Uncomplicated and individual design for your doors

Doors can scratch quickly and the wood or paint can discolor over time. Sanding down a room door and repainting it is very time-consuming. With a door poster, you can easily conceal small imperfections.

Door wallpapers were specially developed for covering doors and are usually available in the dimensions 86 x 200 cm, 86 x 220 cm, 92 x 202 cm, or 96 x 215 cm.

Door poster: You can choose from these materials

Wall murals for doors are made of different materials that have different advantages. Find out here which material is suitable for you.

Self-adhesive vinyl film

A door wallpaper made of self-adhesive vinyl foil is particularly easy to handle. It is lightfast and washable, which is why light soiling can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Therefore, door pictures for gluing are very suitable for the kitchen or the bathroom. You can simply remove the vinyl wallpaper from the door, which is another advantage, especially in rented apartments.

Coated special paper

Door posters made of special paper can be easily attached like wallpaper with the help of paste. The material is often a type of poster paper which, due to its nature, is particularly well suited for wet-gluing processes and, thanks to the coating on the back, prevents the substrate from shining through.

non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper consists of special cellulose, textile fibers, and a special binding agent and is characterized by high stability and tear resistance. The material is also suitable for rather damp rooms such as the bathroom. The paste is applied directly to the door, which makes wallpapering very easy, even for inexperienced people. Later you can simply remove the door sticker dry without leaving any residue.

Which design suits my room?

Anything you like is allowed! Nevertheless, some door wallpaper designs are particularly suitable for certain rooms.

  • Living room: You can achieve a beautiful effect in your living room with city motifs and landmarks – such as an English double-decker bus or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is particularly harmonious if you match the color of the door wallpaper to your living room furnishings.
  • Bedroom: Here you can dream! A door poster with dunes and grasses or a forest clearing creates a calm atmosphere in the bedroom and goes well with a bed made of natural wood or elegant white.
  • Bathroom: A seagull or a lonely sandy beach at the door – the subject of water is in good hands in the wet area.
  • Kitchen and dining room: A door wallpaper with a warm natural wood look makes the kitchen and dining room look cozy, and a stone wall design is reminiscent of a rustic wine cellar. Pasta motifs provide Mediterranean flair.
  • Nursery: If your child loves animals, they will be happy to have a horse, cat, or dog at their nursery door.

5 tips: This is how you easily bring your door wallpaper to the door

You can give your door a new look in just a few simple steps. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. With a self-adhesive door poster, you only need a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, and a cutter knife to attach it. For door wallpaper that is attached with paste, you should also have a trestle table, the paste, a bucket, a stirring stick, and a paste brush ready.
  2. Make sure that the door leaf is free of dust, grease, and silicone residue and that the door handle has been removed before sticking the poster on.
  3. With self-adhesive door posters, detach the top of the poster by about 10 cm from the backing film, position the image in the middle at the top of the door edge, peel off the film piece by piece and use the soft cloth to rub the poster firmly onto the door leaf from top to bottom.
  4. In the case of door posters using the paste method, stick the wallpaper straight to the top edge of the door after soaking for about 5 minutes and smooth it carefully with a brush. You can attach non-woven wallpaper directly to the pasted door without soaking it.
  5. Cut out the recess for the door handle with the utility knife. You may also need to trim off excess film along the edge of the door.

Conclusion: Doors easily redesigned with special door posters

Before you buy a door wallpaper, you should ask yourself the following questions. This way you can be sure that you are choosing a poster whose material and design will convince you.

  • Does your door already show some signs of wear? With door wallpaper, you can conceal this and create a special eye-catcher in your premises.
  • What are the dimensions of your door? Choose the poster size to match the door leaf, so you don’t have to cut anything or very little.
  • In which room do you want to put the door sticker? City motifs are suitable for the living area, wallpaper in a natural stone look for the kitchen and dining room, landscape pictures for the bathroom and bedroom, and animal motifs for the children’s room.
  • Which material do you like? A door poster made of self-adhesive vinyl film is particularly easy to attach, clean with a damp cloth, and simply remove again. A version made of coated special paper or fleece is attached using paste.

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