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What must and what is allowed in the home office

There are many details to consider when setting up a home office. In particular, the space and equipment must be taken into account. Starting with suitable office furniture through to work equipment. A distinction is made between mandatory and optional equipment. It is not uncommon for the thought of equipment to be neglected when enjoying the home office. The result is frequent physical complaints, including incapacity for work, and the associated loss of motivation for the employee and economic damage for the employer. This can be avoided by using suitable equipment and the hazards minimized. A desk and an office chair are a must for a home office workstation. This does not mean any tables and chairs, who “stand around” at home anyway. The same requirements apply to the office equipment in the home office as they apply to the equipment in an office.The desk should offer enough space for working and setting up technical devices . The desk should also be height-adjustable. The height adjustability not only ensures that the table can be adjusted to the height of the user – it offers another important function.

Enable dynamic sitting in the home office too

Height adjustability also offers the ability to change posture while working. Changing postures when working in the office and home office is the basis for dynamic sitting. The aim is to ensure that the user does not spend hours in the same (wrong) posture at the desk persists. For health reasons, it is better to move more often, get up, stretch or take the opportunity to work alternately while standing and sitting. A desk that offers the alternative of being adjustable in height so that you can work on it while standing is an important requirement. Adjustability is also an important keyword for the office chair. This should also be a real office swivel chair in the home office and not just a stool or something else in the household.

Is design an aspect of home office setup?

In addition to functionality, optics also play a role. The same applies here: What is taken for granted in the office should also be treated as a minimum standard in the home office. Although this workplace is usually only visited by the user and not by business partners and customers, studies have shown that work motivation and results are not insignificantly dependent on the work environment. In addition, there will only be a separate study in very few cases. In many cases, home office spaces are brought into existing rooms and attempts are made to integrate them there. Therefore, the equipment should also fit into the existing facility and not act as a disruptive factor. Countering this negative effect can play an important role when choosing the equipment. For example when choosing Color , material and size of the equipment. This also applies to the optional equipment, which can consist of a portable reading lamp or workplace lighting, for example. Communication options such as internal company networks, video telephony are also conceivable. Good planning is therefore the key to the success of setting up a office room decor.

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