Cleverly separate rooms in the apartment with sliding doors

sliding door

Smart division without complete separation

Bringing flexibility into their own four walls is a seemingly impossible task for many. Rooms with generously designed architecture are often a dream. The desired interior design does not have to remain a dream. Sliding doors are the perfect instrument for implementing personal ideas. A number of arguments speak in favor of large rooms, but from a practical point of view, there are just as many reasons to separate rooms. 

The possibility of a spacious room design and the provision of retreat areas can be ideally implemented with room dividers.

Some suggestions about sliding doors

Room dividers for living and dining rooms, utility rooms, and kitchens are prime examples of the use of sliding doors as a connecting element between the rooms. Depending on requirements, the wings are opened and thus offer space or they are closed to achieve separation. Noise protection, odor protection, and more order or storage space can be ideally made possible. The topic of energy-saving should also not be ignored, because the sliding door as a room divider enables a separation. Only the room used needs to be heated when the outside temperature is cool.

Smooth transition with accessibility

With sliding doors, not only flowing transitions can be achieved, but also barrier-free passages. The doors with a hanging system are attached without a lower guide rail and are therefore barrier-free. They are available, for example, online in specialized sliding door shops.

Take advantage of corners and niches

Sliding doors as room dividers are ideal for dividing room corners or niches. New storage space is created. A bit of “mess” can hide behind the closed sliding door, so the partitioned-off room looks tidy and tidy. Sliding doors can also be attached well in front of cabinet systems. Similarly equipped, a walk-in closet can enrich the apartment.

Create dream spaces with sliding doors

In smaller apartments, there is often not enough space to set up an office. The sliding door as a room divider offers solutions. Dividing rooms with sliding doors: why not create an office corner in the living room? This idea can also be applied to hobbies: Implementing creative energy behind the door with painting, handicrafts, DIY, or sewing. The sliding door is also a good idea as a room divider for playrooms or niches for children. In this way, the built-up toy like the knight’s castle can remain standing for longer and the “mess” is still locked out. Similarly, a utility room can hide behind such doors – the ironing board doesn’t always have to be set up and taken down. That saves time.

Sliding doors as room dividers in offices and practices

Sliding doors as room dividers in the office make individual rooms such as meeting rooms and conference rooms appear more open and friendly. In the case of glass doors, they are flooded with light. In this way, departments or open-plan offices can also be flexibly designed and divided if desired.

Save space / avoid noise

Sliding doors run close to the wall and do not take up space in the room when they are open. Thanks to ball-bearing carriages, the room dividers move quietly and there are no annoying slamming doors.

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