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Which flooring style suits you?


Choosing the right floor covering A floor covering has to withstand a lot. Depending on how much it is used and in which rooms it is installed, different materials are suitable. Parquet and planks are timeless classics when it comes to flooring. But laminate and vinyl are also very popular. They are particularly easy to care for and available […]

7 important things to consider when buying a carpet

how to buy carpet

Tiles, parquet or laminate can be perfectly complemented with the right carpet. But: if you have the choice of carpet, you are also spoiled for choice. Since a carpet takes up a concise and striking area, it has a great influence on the effect of the room. Before you decide on a rug, there are many things to […]

How to paint walls of home

how to paint home

To paint a wall you need paint, the right tools and our tips. Then nothing can go wrong. When it is clear whether the walls should be painted white or whether you have decided on a different color, the painting preparations begin. The following applies: the more careful the preliminary work, the better the result. Did you know that the wall colors influence […]

Curtains and drapes for living rooms and living areas In Pakistan

curtains in the room

Beautiful curtains create a cozy atmosphere Curtains and drapes are very nice design elements in a living room. You can use it to underline the style of the facility. Unfortunately, curtains and drapes for living rooms are also a question of cost, which for years has led to the fact that curtains or drapes are no longer […]

Furnishing the living room – inspiration and ideas for your living room

living-room style

Not only a comfortable sofa and a television are important components of a living room. Nowadays living rooms are more than just a place of retreat to end the evening comfortably. It is the center of the home and of living together. Regardless of whether you want to move into a new apartment or renovate your old […]

How to arrange pillows in a stylish way

how to decor pillow

Decorative pillows give a room freshness and cosiness in no time. But how many pillows should there be? Which colors go well together? And what about shapes and patterns? We have put together seven basics for you in our pillow guide. 1. The numberAn arrangement of an even number of pillows makes a tidy impression, but it can also appear a […]

Buying a right lamp & light in Pakistan: what you should know

lamps price in pakistan

There are many things to consider when buying new lights, especially since the advent of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps. The technical information on light sources has become much more diverse, terms such as lumen and Kelvin have appeared again. Due to the increasing number of manufacturers and models and correspondingly large differences in quality, general statements have become […]