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Sofa Throws

sofa throws

After spending some time in your new apartment, you feel like making a change. You especially don’t like the fabric of the sofa anymore. Since you don’t want to buy a new couch because your favorite place is really comfortable, you decide on a plain-colored sofa throw that completely covers the upholstery. Now just quickly pin the […]

Door Wallpapers

Door Wallpaper

Actually, you feel quite comfortable in your apartment if it weren’t for the scratched doors. Unfortunately, you lack the time and money to refurbish them or replace them with new ones. Maybe door wallpaper is a practical alternative for you. You can read here what you should consider when choosing a door poster. Uncomplicated and individual design for your doors […]

Home Improvement

home Improvement store

Murals, photographs, and posters can create unique home decor and interior decorations. As a means of expression that strongly influences our imagination, images take us on an exciting journey into the world of memories and associations. Most of us love to have a tasteful and very own living culture around us. Most important are family memories and beautiful […]

Guide to curtains and drapes


One very important thing about curtains is that they have to match the rest of the decorative elements in the room and fit into the overall tone of the room. That is why a living room decorated on minimalist principles, with precise shapes and straight lines, will have no common feature with a curtain or a […]

How to find favorite sofas


The modern sofa is no longer just for putting your feet up. Clever designs and new technology make it multipurpose furniture for the whole family. Browse through the new and comfortable sofa models here, all of which have the potential to become your favorite sofa. How do you find the right sofa? By answering two questions. Firstly, where […]

Sofa Covers

sofa covers

You actually like your living room a lot, but the green sofa somehow no longer fits into the room since you redecorated it a few weeks ago. Instead of green, you would like a light color like cream or light gray. But since you don’t want to buy a new sofa, you can cover it with a […]

Which flooring style suits you?


Choosing the right floor covering A floor covering has to withstand a lot. Depending on how much it is used and in which rooms it is installed, different materials are suitable. Parquet and planks are timeless classics when it comes to flooring. But laminate and vinyl are also very popular. They are particularly easy to care for and available […]

7 important things to consider when buying a carpet

how to buy carpet

Tiles, parquet, or laminate can be perfectly complemented with the right carpet. But: if you have the choice of carpet, you are also spoiled for choice. Since a carpet takes up a concise and striking area, it has a great influence on the effect of the room. Before you decide on a rug, there are many things to […]

How to paint walls of home

how to paint home

To paint a wall you need paint, the right tools, and our tips. Then nothing can go wrong. When it is clear whether the walls should be painted white or whether you have decided on a different color, the painting preparations begin. The following applies the more careful the preliminary work, the better the result. Did you know that the wall colors influence […]

Curtains and drapes for living rooms and living areas In Pakistan

curtains in the room

Beautiful curtains create a cozy atmosphere Curtains and drapes are very nice design elements in a living room. You can use it to underline the style of the facility. Unfortunately, curtains and drapes for living rooms are also a question of cost, which for years has led to the fact that curtains or drapes are no longer […]