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Shower Curtains Pakistan

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Shower curtain as a splash guard and decorative accessory Your day begins in the bathroom. Some have a large bathroom with the morning sun shining brightly through the window, while others have limited space. Ideas are needed. You can get them online at My Home Decor. Just let yourself be inspired on the website and find shower curtains that fit your bathroom […]

Shower Curtains: How to clean and maintain

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Cleaning and maintaining the bathroom’s waterproof shower curtain – is not one of the cleaning priorities. It is more important than expected. Read here which home remedies help with cleaning. Everyone who owns a waterproof shower curtain knows the phenomenon: After only a short time, the lower edge of the curtain no longer looks so […]

The right bathtub for every bathroom

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The size of the bathtub is largely determined by the dimensions of the bathroom. The variety of shapes of bathtubs allows you to find the ideal bathtub for your bathing comfort. Choose from oval, square, slightly rounded, free-standing bathtubs, or corner bathtubs in a wide variety of designs. Individual bathing pleasure – matching bathtub Your bathroom should be an […]

What is important when installing the new shower in the bathroom

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Manufacturers now offer a diverse range of shower stalls, such as special wellness showers, steam showers, eco rain showers or individually adjustable shower rails. But can everything be installed anywhere without any problems? And what about water consumption and a clear conscience? It’sall about the water pressure At the beginning of a renovation you should know your personal shower […]

Bathroom lighting: this is how professionals plan bathroom lighting

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Light in the bathroom has to meet a number of requirements: in the morning you need it bright and stimulating, for a full bath in the evening it should be gentle and atmospheric, but you also need the right bathroom lighting for applying makeup. In addition, where moisture and electricity meet, additional safety precautions must be […]