Box spring beds in Pakistan: the dream for the bed room

Bed Room Decor

The box spring beds are mainly known and very popular in America, Scandinavia and Holland. Not to be forgotten are the countless hotels around the world, which appreciate the use of particularly robust specimens. Why else do you think that a vacation is a good night’s sleep? Now we can officially reveal the secret: box spring beds!

The good news is that beds are slowly but surely taking over our bedrooms at home. Step by step is replacing the modern bed, the classic bed systems known to us in this country.

Comfortable lying height in modern box spring beds

If you should decide to buy a new bed, you should be aware of the essential components and types of construction. Above all, it must be clear to you that the inexpensive products with which the market is sometimes flooded have, in some cases, considerable defects that have a huge impact on sleeping comfort.

In a good, high-quality box spring bed, it depends on the individual elements and components. A modern box spring bed is made up of these individual elements. You are probably familiar with the bed frame combination that is widespread in Germany and consists of a bed frame, a slatted frame and a mattress. You have to say goodbye to this idea when purchasing. Because a box spring bed is made up of completely different components than a conventional bed. In summary, the bed consists of the following components from top to bottom:

  • Topper mattress
  • Box spring mattress
  • Box spring part or the actual box
  • Adjustable feet

It is important to note the separation between the American and Scandinavian versions. The latter have a so-called topper on the top layer, as mentioned above. In most cases, this is made of foamed materials such as cold foam. Its primary goal is to protect the actual mattress and to release the moisture absorbed during the night back into the ambient air during the day.

The American version, on the other hand, does not have this topper. Instead, another box spring mattress is put on or one layer is padded a little thicker.

Why does it have to be a box spring bed?

In case you are still asking yourself the question of all of these, the only point in any purchase is to help you sleep comfortably. The sleeping comfort compared to a conventional bed is simply much better. Not only are you doing something good for your actual sleep, but you are also protecting your health. We do not need to list here how important healthy sleep actually is and we are convinced of the beds with the increased lying surface which also make it much easier to lie down and get up!

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