Door Wallpapers

Door Wallpaper

Actually, you feel quite comfortable in your apartment if it weren’t for the scratched doors. Unfortunately, you lack the time and money to refurbish them or replace them with new ones. Maybe door wallpaper is a practical alternative for you. You can read here what you should consider when choosing a door poster. Uncomplicated and individual design for your doors […]

Home Improvement

home Improvement store

Murals, photographs, and posters can create unique home decor and interior decorations. As a means of expression that strongly influences our imagination, images take us on an exciting journey into the world of memories and associations. Most of us love to have a tasteful and very own living culture around us. Most important are family memories and beautiful […]

What is a bedspread?


What is a bedspread and how is it different from a duvet cover? When it comes to dressing your bed, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of bedding options on offer. Bedspreads, quilts, blankets, or duvets, how to choose? Although both are excellent options and offer comfort, they are known to differ in their function and often in their size. If you’re […]

Guide to curtains and drapes


One very important thing about curtains is that they have to match the rest of the decorative elements in the room and fit into the overall tone of the room. That is why a living room decorated on minimalist principles, with precise shapes and straight lines, will have no common feature with a curtain or a […]

Shower Curtains Pakistan

shower curtains

Shower curtain as a splash guard and decorative accessory Your day begins in the bathroom. Some have a large bathroom with the morning sun shining brightly through the window, while others have limited space. Ideas are needed. You can get them online at My Home Decor. Just let yourself be inspired on the website and find shower curtains that fit your bathroom […]

How to find favorite sofas


The modern sofa is no longer just for putting your feet up. Clever designs and new technology make it multipurpose furniture for the whole family. Browse through the new and comfortable sofa models here, all of which have the potential to become your favorite sofa. How do you find the right sofa? By answering two questions. Firstly, where […]

Sofa Covers

sofa covers

You actually like your living room a lot, but the green sofa somehow no longer fits into the room since you redecorated it a few weeks ago. Instead of green, you would like a light color like cream or light gray. But since you don’t want to buy a new sofa, you can cover it with a […]

Shower Curtains: How to clean and maintain

bathroom waterproof cutains

Cleaning and maintaining the bathroom’s waterproof shower curtain – is not one of the cleaning priorities. It is more important than expected. Read here which home remedies help with cleaning. Everyone who owns a waterproof shower curtain knows the phenomenon: After only a short time, the lower edge of the curtain no longer looks so […]

5 tips for buying a pillow in Pakistan


1: Get detailed advice If you are looking for a really good pillow that is right for you, you should seek advice. Here are the health aspects as important as your preferred sleeping position or Schwitzneigung. Neck pain, headaches, or back pain can in some cases be avoided with a suitable neck pillow. Neck pillows are often also called neck support pillows, as they support […]