Shower Curtains: How to clean and maintain

bathroom waterproof cutains

Cleaning and maintaining the bathroom waterproof shower curtains – that is not one of the cleaning priorities. It is more important than expected. Read here which home remedies help with cleaning. Everyone who owns a waterproof shower curtain knows the phenomenon: After only a short time, the lower edge of the curtain no longer looks […]

5 tips for buying a pillow in Pakistan


1: Get detailed advice If you are looking for a really good pillow that is right for you, you should seek advice. Here are the health aspects as important as your preferred sleeping position or Schwitzneigung. Neck pain, headaches, or back pain can in some cases be avoided with a suitable neck pillow. Neck pillows are often also called neck support pillows, as they support […]

Mattress buying guide in Pakistan


Knowing how to buy mattresses has become a skill. It’s no secret that most large mattress stores have a lot to do when it comes to pricing. It is easy to find super discounts and mega deals of 50% to 90% on mattresses and this price dance may turn out to be too much for many. How […]

4 reasons why you need a mattress protector In Pakistan

Mattrress Protector

A mattress protector may be the most important accessory you need for your mattress. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what a mattress protector is for. Many times the first thing people tell me when I bring it up while buying a mattress is that they “don’t need it.”  Perhaps because they do not […]

How to wash a quilt or duvet?


When you have soft and comfortable bedding, like a quilt or duvet, you always want to keep it clean and in the best possible condition. However, did you know that caring for and washing your duvet or duvet is very different from washing ordinary sheets and blankets? If you want your products to keep their original colors […]

10 Tips for choosing export quality bed sheets in Pakistan

bed sheets

How to choose quality and comfortable bedsheets in Pakistan? Don’t miss these 10 tips for choosing comfortable, soft, and easy-care sheets! Bedsheets? – Is there a more comfortable place than our bed? If we take into account that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it is important to know how to choose and learn how […]

Which flooring style suits you?


Choosing the right floor covering A floor covering has to withstand a lot. Depending on how much it is used and in which rooms it is installed, different materials are suitable. Parquet and planks are timeless classics when it comes to flooring. But laminate and vinyl are also very popular. They are particularly easy to care for and available […]

7 important things to consider when buying a carpet

how to buy carpet

Tiles, parquet, or laminate can be perfectly complemented with the right carpet. But: if you have the choice of carpet, you are also spoiled for choice. Since a carpet takes up a concise and striking area, it has a great influence on the effect of the room. Before you decide on a rug, there are many things to […]

The best ideas for wall design in the kitchen

how to decor kitchen wall

An optimal wall design in the kitchen radiates pleasant sensuality and brings the look and feel-good character of the room to the fore. There are many different options available for implementation, which can be adapted to your own living style and preferences. Here you will find some nice examples of wall design in the kitchen and you can also read about what to […]

How to paint walls of home

how to paint home

To paint a wall you need paint, the right tools, and our tips. Then nothing can go wrong. When it is clear whether the walls should be painted white or whether you have decided on a different color, the painting preparations begin. The following applies the more careful the preliminary work, the better the result. Did you know that the wall colors influence […]