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Bed sheets PakistanWhat bed sheet must be able to do

Bed sheets – We don’t let anyone get as close to us at night as they do: Anyone who sleeps eight hours spends eight hours up close with their bed sheet . It is important that the bed sheet feels good and does not contain harmful substances . The design of the bed sheet is also important – and of course it should also match the rest of the bedroom furnishings.

Bed sheet can be recognized by several factors: skin-friendly materials, easy care, durability. Bedding is a real multitasker: it should look good, protect mattresses , duvets and pillows from sweat and dust and feel good on the skin. Their most important task, however, is to absorb moisture that is formed on the skin during sleep and to promote ventilation of the body through its breathable fabric .

Bed sheet design or timeless and simple?

The Bedding is like the wardrobe : a new season, a new collection. And of course there are suitable motifs, new colors and different materials depending on the season. And the design trends change from year to year.

But as hard as the manufacturers of bed sheet try: bed sheet is and will not remain a seasonal product. Most buyers keep choosing a timeless design or plain-colored bed sheet instead of stocking up on new bed sheet sets.

Unusual bed sheet from well-known designers or fashion designers who create their own home collection can also set wonderful accents and add color to the home. Patterns, ornaments, embroideries, prints: There are countless ways to upgrade the bedroom with beautiful bed sheet.

Key facts at a glance

  • Bed sheet should be breathable and free of harmful substances
  • The most popular textiles are cotton, beaver and satin
  • Important: An individual good feeling on the skin
  • The standard size is 140 x 200 cm
  • Many manufacturers offer special and double sizes
  • Plain, light-colored bed sheet looks calm and enlarges the room
  • Bed sheet should be washed every 1-2 weeks at 60 ° C
  • A bedspread makes the bedroom look tidy

Bed sheet: There are these sizes

There are uniform standard sizes for bed sheets in Pakistan but these can vary abroad. In this country , the standard duvet is 140 x 200 or 135 x 200 cm , the classic pillow is 80 x 80 cm.

In order to meet the needs of customers, the manufacturers also offer other sizes for bed sheet. Pillows with 40 x 80 cm can also be much narrower and duvets with 155 x 220 cm adapt to the different bed sizes.

For couples who share a blanket, there are also bed sheet measuring 200 x 200 cm. Many manufacturers and bedsheets online shops have the option of having bed sheet made in special sizes.

Bed Sheets made of satin, beaver or sheet

Just a few decades ago, bed sheet was made of fine sheet , was embroidered with a monogram and was part of every woman’s trousseau. You can still find such handcrafted bed sheet today, but more often bed sheet is made of cotton, jersey, microfiber, beaver or silk / satin .

The fabric of bed sheet should be smooth and soft on the skin, but also air-permeable . The various fabrics from which bed sheet is made meet this high standard to varying degrees (see below). Since bed sheet comes into direct contact with the skin, the fabric should not contain any harmful or skin-incompatible substances such as formaldehyde or nickel.

  • Sheet : Bed sheet made from high-quality sheet is very absorbent and, thanks to its cooling properties, is particularly suitable for summer, but it also wrinkles very quickly.
  • Cotton : Bed sheet made from cotton is known for its smooth surface and warming properties. The robust fabric is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers due to its natural materials.
  • Jersey : Jersey bed sheet is easy to maintain. The knitted fabric is very soft and breathable, but not particularly dimensionally stable due to the elastic fabric.
  • Microfiber : Bed sheet made from microfiber is absorbent, easy to care for and usually cheaper than other bed sheet. On the thin, finely spun fibers (mostly polyester), mites and dust cannot settle so well. Since the material is manufactured artificially, you should pay close attention to the quality of microfiber bed sheet.
  • Beaver : Bed sheet made from beaver is particularly thick, but can also absorb moisture well. The roughened cotton fabric is particularly suitable for children or cold winter nights thanks to its fluffy surface.
  • Silk / Satin : Bed sheet made from silk or satin (woven from silk) looks particularly elegant. The natural material is enriched with synthetic fibers and thus gets its flowing, shiny surface. This type of bed sheets retain its shape, has cooling properties, but is not particularly absorbent.

Maintain and wash bed sheet properly

Sheets should be changed every one to two weeks. If you sweat a lot or are allergic to house dust, you should change your bed sheet more often. The same applies to the summer months or to longer illness.

Bed sheet should be washed at at least 60 ° C to completely kill bacteria. Please note the individual care instructions for your bed sheet. Tip: It is also best to wash your bed sheet inside out. So you have something of the colors longer and also make it easier for you to refer.

Matching the bed sheet: the bedspread

It looks particularly elegant when a matching bedspread is added to the bed sheet. Whereby “suitable” does not necessarily mean that both have to be particularly similar. Quite the opposite: if the bedspread, bedclothes and pillows look like a single piece, the bed quickly reminds you of a hotel room. The combination works best when bed sheet and bedspread come from the same color family , but differ in texture or pattern.

Speaking of which: you shouldn’t overdo it with the pattern . Because a generously sized bedspread that completely covers the bed and extends to the floor at the sides usually measures 250 x 250 cm – that’s more than six square meters. If the pattern is too conspicuous, a bedspread of this size quickly dominates the room. A light, single-colored bedspread, on the other hand, can make a big difference , especially in a small bedroom that already has a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a chair : it makes the bed appear to disappear and can make the room appear much larger and tidier.

Bed Sheets Price In Pakistan

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