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Refilling a beanbag

Bean bags Pakistan refilling – If you have a beanbag, there will come a moment when the beanbag filling is flat and you have to refill it. In general, you should think about this aspect when purchasing a beanbag in Pakistan so that the beanbag filling material can be changed quickly and easily later.

The beanbag is a particularly flexible piece of furniture and adapts well to the user and his positioning: whether you use it as a seat or armchair or relax reading a book on it, the beanbag can be used comfortably and versatile thanks to the adaptable filling material. A beanbag is just as suitable for the children’s room as it is for adults, depending on the material, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Here you can find more information about the outdoor beanbag.

In our guide, we give you the most important information on how to refill your beanbag correctly and an overview of your options for bean bag filling before you start buying it.

Why fill up beanbags at all

It is often the case that the bean bag filling consists of Styrofoam balls, as these adapt particularly flexibly to the body. However, after some time of use, these Styrofoam balls gradually crumble. This happens when the weight rests on the Styrofoam balls in the beanbag filling at a certain point, which is unavoidable when you use it.

Whether you are sitting or lying down, the center of gravity is always there when you use it. Due to this pressure of the load, the Styrofoam balls of the bean bag filling that are pressed against each other crumble very slowly, but gradually until they grind to fine dust at some point if you do not refill the beanbag filling or change it.

Don’t worry: this usually only happens after years, but depending on how it is used, the beanbag can become a bit more uncomfortable over time. So that further comfortable use is possible, you should refill the beanbag from time and time as needed.

More reasons for beanbags filling

Another reason why you want to refill your beanbag can of course also be attributed to individual causes: After buying a beanbag, it can happen that you are not completely satisfied with the seating result and the level of comfort. To better adapt it to your individual needs, you can regulate the beanbag hardness according to your own wishes.

Depending on the beanbag filling, the beanbag’s hardness varies and depending on the amount it will be softer or harder for you in terms of sitting and lying feeling. The more filling you use, the harder the piece of furniture will be.

Warning – what should you watch out for?

When refilling a bean bag you have to pay attention to a few things, for example, there must not be too much filling in the bean bag, otherwise, the beanbag will no longer adapt to your body shape and the Styrofoam balls of the beanbag filling will remain immobile due to the lack of space and air between the balls. So that you do not go wrong, in this guide we give you a brief overview of the most important facts and helpful tips on the subject of “refilling correctly.

Which material is suitable for bean bags refilling?

Mostly the bean bag filling consists of styrofoam balls. These are known under different names; you can find them under the name EPS, expanded polystyrene, or even under the most common term styrofoam.

According to scientific experiments and analyzes, styrofoam balls are the optimal filling material for the beanbag. An alternative to the beanbag filling with polystyrene balls is Styrofoam flakes, which are made from recycled material and thus represent the environmentally friendly variant.

The Styrofoam balls of the bean bag chair filling move according to the shape of the body when the seat is used. When you sit or lie down on the beanbag, the Styrofoam balls, which are not the main sitting or lying area between you and the floor, “migrate” to the side of the beanbag and fill the surrounding space so that you can remove the lateral parts of the, For example, beanbags can be used as a “backrest”.

At the same time, the styrofoam balls are suitable as filling material for the bean bag, as they have exactly the right consistency and can withstand body weight. The styrofoam balls provide sufficient stability as a bean bag filling and only wear out after a long time.

Where can I get the right filling from?

Do you want to save yourself the cumbersome trip to the hardware store and the independent search there? In that case, we recommend that you buy the filling online. There you have the opportunity to conveniently choose the right one for you from various options.

Another advantage of ordering on the Internet is that you can buy a special filling that is also free of harmful substances. Styrofoam balls, which are available in hardware stores, are often not intended for pieces of furniture for everyday use and therefore not intended as bean bags Pakistan filling material and contain harmful substances.

Does quality have to be expensive?

Where can you find the right filling material for refilling bean bags? Bean bag online manufacturers often also offer a corresponding refill pack in their range of accessories. However, these are often more expensive, which is why we have selected some cheap offers with a good price-performance ratio for the bean bag filling category.

We know from experience: Quality doesn’t always have to be expensive! The manufacturer and the brand are relatively insignificant when it comes to the filling: With the beanbag, the main thing is the filling material itself. With the Styrofoam balls in the bean bag filling, the quality is the main criterion that you have to pay attention to when you want to refill your beanbag.

How to refill the bean bag

If you want to refill a bean bag, you should first find out about the specific procedure, because the preparation saves you a mess of styrofoam balls that are just not in your bean bags anywhere. But don’t worry: with the right tips, you can easily change the filling material or adjust the bean bag hardness according to your needs.

The procedure for refilling the bean bag is the same for most designs. With a bean bag you will most often find two variants in the processing:

Either the cover can be opened completely with a zipper so that you can refill and empty it beforehand if necessary. It is good if the zipper is as long as possible because then refilling the beanbag in Pakistan is much easier.

Another variant is a bean bag for refilling at certain, smaller openings or one in which the beanbag chair filling does not come directly into the cover. You have to replace this filling in the respective pillow. We recommend if you haven’t already done so, to take a look inside your bean bag and to make sure of the processing and the possibility of refilling. Then you can simply follow our instructions for refilling:

Variant 1 (bean bag with zipper)

  • 1. Open the zipper of the bean bag along its entire length as well as the packing of the Styrofoam balls (so that nothing falls out!).
  • 2. Put the bean bag from above over the opened packing of the Styrofoam balls for refilling.
  • 3. Carefully turn the packing of the Styrofoam balls together with the beanbag upwards so that the Styrofoam balls fall into the beanbag.
  • 4. Shake all the Styrofoam balls that you want to refill in the beanbag and then carefully pull the bag out again. If there are still Styrofoam balls in the packaging, turn the bag upside down before pulling it out and hold it closed with your hand as much as possible so that nothing lands on the floor.
  • 5. Fully close the zipper of the bean bags again.

Variant 2 (bean bag with opening or cushion filling)

  • 1. Open the beanbag or cushion in the designated place and the packing of the Styrofoam balls. Caution: You should not open the packaging completely for this variant, but only cut off a small corner so that a flap is created.
  • 2. Hold the opened flap of the packaging with the Styrofoam balls as precisely as possible and with a steady hand over the opening of the beanbag sofa chair or cushion and let the desired amount of filling material fall into the beanbag.
  • 3. Close the opening of the bean bag again.

How much bean bag filling do I need?

If you want to refill beanbags, the question often arises of how many liters of filling material you need for the beanbag, since there are many different options to choose between the filling sizes.
There is no general answer to this question, as it depends on the design of your model. It is also important to check bean bag weight after the filling. Sometimes the extra filling can increase the weight and beanbag prices.

The standard size of a beanbag is 140 x 180 cm in dimensions. For the beanbag filling, you will then need around 390 liters of styrofoam balls. If you just want to adjust the degree of hardness and don’t need new beanbag filling, a 100 – 200 liter pack of styrofoam balls are of course sufficient. If you have had the beanbag for a long time, it is advisable to refill more polystyrene balls. You may have to swap the entire filling.

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