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Bean bags – A wonderfully changeable piece of furniture

Bean bags whether large, whether small, whether round, whether angular – there is a beanbag in countless colors, shapes, and materials. It is, therefore, all the more important to find out beforehand what fits into your own living area so as not to be overwhelmed by the many offers and lose the overview. Find bean bags in Lahore bean bags in Karachi bean bags in Islamabad online.

Bean bags Pakistan – The right choice

When deciding on a beanbag, there are various criteria that you should consider:

– What beanbag shape do I need?
– What bean bag material should the filling be made of?
– Which beanbag outer material?

Beanbags – What should they serve as?

Beanbags are used to sit on; just like the name suggests. However, beanbags can be used in many ways. There are ‘normal’ ones for indoor use, but there are also some for outdoor use. However, these should then be very robust and water-repellent. If a bean bag as a real piece of furniture for permanent use in the living room is used, we recommend a model in beanbag chair form.

If man’s best friend, the dog, also needs a new sitting area, a flat and easy-to-clean model should be purchased. Of course, the manufacturers have also thought of the smallest among us and are offering small and very colorful bean bags that are ideal for romping around and cuddling. For a few rupees, bean bags are also a nice replacement for the otherwise very large upholstered furniture; some manufacturers offer the service of putting your model together individually – unlike with upholstered furniture.

It’s the bean bags shape that matters

Once you have decided what the beanbag should be used for, the next step is to determine the most suitable shape.

Pillow shape beanbags

seat cushion is the flattest model among beanbag chairs and is best for relaxing and dozing off. Seat cushions are available in rectangular, square, and round shapes. This furniture can also be used as a dog bed. The advantage of this use is that you have a much larger selection and do not have to resort to dog beds with paw prints or bone motifs.

Often the seat cushions are so big that you can fold them to form a kind of bench. In some models, straps are included to ensure certain stability. Of course, these flat seat cushions are also suitable as a playground for babies and toddlers.

The classic bean bags

Beanbag classic has the shape of a potato sack and is the best-selling in the beanbag variety. Easily transportable and with its different sizes and colors, it fits into almost any room. The smallest models are also intended for the smallest, the conventional ones are suitable for almost all rooms and people, and the very large models are for people who like to throw themselves into beds with countless pillows. The classic is also the best way to save one or two euros because it is simply produced a lot and the variety is very large.

Chair shape bean bags

A bean bag chair in the shape of an armchair is very practical if you plan to integrate it as furniture in the living room. The shape of the armchair enables a slightly more upright sitting position and makes getting up again a lot easier. The deeper the armchair, the more comfortable it is for long movie nights or as a lounger for a reading lesson. You can put together a Sitting Lounge, for example, with several bean bag chairs in perhaps different colors.

Filling of beanbags

Bean bags in Pakistan are filled with Styrofoam balls, which are particularly suitable because they do not absorb moisture, can store heat, and adapt perfectly to the body. This filling is suitable for allergy sufferers, as Styrofoam is not a breeding ground for bacteria or fungi. The larger the balls, the fewer elastics isis the bean bag.

A filling with small balls adapts better to the body. You should make the ball size depending on the use. If you want to use your new furniture to rest and relax, you should opt for the smaller beads. However, if you want to sit down and get up more often, it is advisable to choose a coarser variant, as these bean bags do not slip away from under you. 

Foam flakes represent a completely different filling. With a foam filling, it is much easier to get up because the material springs back; however, this material also yields a lot more than Styrofoam. Much more material has to be used to enable comfortable sitting. This in turn makes the beanbag much heavier than it should actually be. This filling is also unsuitable for outdoor use, as foam easily absorbs moisture. If this cannot dry properly, mold quickly forms.

Once both materials have been “ sat flat ”, it is no problem to buy them to fill the sack yourself. This brings us to the next point.

Bean bags upper and interior

It should of course be possible to get to the filling without having to cut open the cover. Most versions have a zip or Velcro fastener. However, both should be strong enough that they do not burst open when they ‘fall’ on the beanbag and possibly distribute the filling everywhere. The same goes for the seams.

The filling should be packed in an extra sleeve anyway. If you want to put the outer shell in the washing machine, you haven’t automatically distributed the statically charged styrofoam balls around the household.

You can ‘actually’ choose the upper material according to your wishes and needs. Those who like it more naturally will probably opt for cotton covers. Those who want something extravagant are more likely to buy the plush model.

People who like it simple may be interested in a leather cover. It should be noted, however, that all materials should be flame-retardant, easy to clean, resistant, and durable. Families with children should use materials that can sometimes be put in the washing machine. For outdoor use, water-repellent materials or fabrics with a PVC coating are best.

Bean bags design

There are absolutely no limits here; there is something for every taste. When it comes to color, you can choose from the whole range of colors. Natural tones such as green or brown, but also bright colors beanbags such as pink and orange are available. Of course, the color should also match the living area so that the room atmosphere is not disturbed.

Many manufacturers offer a special service in which the customer can choose the design or shape himself.

Bean bags price in Pakistan

Bean bags prices in Pakistan are increasing day by day as the material used in beanbags is not completely being manufactured in Pakistan. Only beanbag covers are being prepared in the country.

The manufacturers have to import the filling material from other countries and they have to pay taxes and duties also which plays a role to increase bean bag prices in Pakistan. Many customers prefer to buy bean bags online in Pakistan but then they have to pay the cargo and shipping charges also.

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