5 tips for buying a pillow in Pakistan


1: Get detailed advice

If you are looking for a really good pillow that is right for you, you should seek advice. Here are the health aspects as important as your preferred sleeping position or Schwitzneigung.

Neck pain, headaches, or back pain can in some cases be avoided with a suitable neck pillow. Neck pillows are often also called neck support pillows, as they support the neck and spine due to their shape, which is specially adapted to the body and head. The support prevents, for example, kinking of the head in the side position, which can cause neck pain.

When choosing the right neck pillow, sleeping position, body type, and pillow size play a decisive role. In addition, there are health pillows that support various parts of the body and prevent pressure points.

Remember that with many pillows, your bed linen will not fit perfectly. There are matching covers in various colors for almost all pillows on the market. Why is that important? If the pillowcase is too big, you always have “residue” on your neck or face. That also disturbs sleep.

2: A pillow must match the mattress

How do I find the right pillow for my mattress?

The most important rule: when you go out to buy a pillow, be sure to take whatever information you can about your mattress that you can find with you. The most important factors here are the mattress height, the material, the type of shoulder zone, and the firmness. Why?

The depth at which the body sinks into the mattress is decisive for the height. If it is too high, hyperextend the cervical vertebra. If it is too low, the head is not adequately supported, which increases the tension.

However, poor sleep, neck tension, and sleepy arms rarely come from it alone. Neck tension, for example, is 95% caused by a bad shoulder zone on the mattress. And maybe you are not just opting for a new pillow, but are also considering a new mattress: Then our 10 tips can help you.

Which pillow is the right one for a waterbed?


The same applies here as described above. Since you sink your shoulders deep into a waterbed, it must never be too high. In addition, it should be very breathable, as all heat and moisture are radiated upwards in a water bed.

3: The shape of the pillow must fit your body

Which height should I choose?

And here too, the information about the mattress is very important. The deeper you sink your shoulder in, the more you reduce the distance between your ear and the mattress. The wider your shoulders, the more sinking depth is required or the higher must be.

The width can also be decisive. If it is too narrow, you always have to “pull it behind you” when you turn it over. That disturbs sleep.

Do not use 80x80cm pillows!

Every mattress has a shoulder zone on which you should lie directly with your shoulder. If you lie on the pillow instead, this zone has no effect. You cannot sink in, and your thoracic spine will arch upward.

The vertebral bodies are therefore at an angle to one another and exert pressure in the area of ​​the intervertebral discs. In addition, the muscles are unnecessarily under tension. If you turn over the 80x80cm pillow, you can also use a 40x80cm pillow directly and have less work at night.

Neck support pillow or sleeping pillow?

Many people do not know the difference between neck support pillows and sleeping pillows. It should fix your cervical vertebra and take any previous damage to the cervical spine into account.

This type should let you sleep well. It has to be the right height and suit you. 

Which pillow is suitable for side sleepers?


Here you can use both neck support pillows and sleeping pillows. The correct height of the pillow is important. In general, it should be equally suitable for side and back sleepers. But the differences can be explained extensively in good consultation.

4: Maintain good breathability and hygiene

Why should my pillow be breathable?

Most of the heat is given off through the head – and therefore most of the moisture. Any pillow that is not breathable disturbs sleep and regeneration. There are now even pillows with a cooling effect: a perfect solution for those who sweat a lot.

Ask about the washability of the pillow

Not every pillow is washable – it is best to inquire when buying whether the pillow is washable or at least the cover is removable and can be washed. If you want to wash it, you should wash it every 4-6 months, the pillowcase every 6 weeks, and the bed linen every 2 weeks.

How long should it last?

As described above, most of the heat and moisture is given off through the head. A pillow is therefore also subject to great stress from a hygienic standpoint. During this period, it must not lose support or firmness. Good pillows are said to have a shelf life of 5 years 

5: Test the pillow you want

In the store, you will never find out if it is right for you. Good advice limits the choice, but we advise against buying directly without advice from an expert. Test it on your mattress in your bed. In our company we suggest the following procedure:

1. Preliminary discussion and measurement
2. Test lying, advice, and selection of 1-2 pillow favorites according to measurement
3. Test phase in your own bedroom of the selected test for 5-7 days.


In summary: a pillow is just as individual as a mattress. There are no answers to the general questions: “Which pillows are the best?” Or “Which is healthy?” Questions about pillows for neck pain or cervical vertebrae problems cannot be answered in general, but only on a case-by-case basis.

Test results from Stiftung Warentest are a possible indication of a good pillow, but ultimately your own well-being and the feeling of lying down decide whether a pillow fits you or not. Only good advice and a test phase in your own bed can lead to the correct result.

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