10 good reasons for the table runners in Pakistan

Table runner pakistan

Have you been afraid of washable plastic placemats since you were a child and would you never layout coasters for everyone at the table? Well, we understand that and have a better suggestion: Table runners can protect against all possible stresses in an elegant way. And not only that: They set decorative accents, can be thematically oriented to the seasons, and are easier to clean than huge tablecloths. 

1. Table runners make flowers shine!
Come on, doesn’t that look pretty? Flowers in the vase and as a motif on the table runner are not too much of a good thing, they are just right! Floral decorations look good on a rustic old wooden table (here made of oak by carpenter Florian Braig ). And the textile base has another advantage: it protects against the moisture in vases, which can attack the wood.

2. Table runners embellish white ceilings!
Everyone knows the problem of pure white tablecloths: you can see every stain on them immediately! If you still want to offer your guests a dazzling white and ironed table cover, you should simply grab simple table runners and use them as oversized sets. They are less stuffy than placemats, protect against spillage and still let the white ceiling shine great!

Tip: Depending on your mood, you can also put on classy anthracite-colored table runners in the evening for dinner and in strong red or bright orange in the morning to wake up!

3. Table runners protect against wax stains!
Oh dear, annoying candle wax stains on the beautiful table again? Next time, put a table runner under it. With blotting paper, you can easily iron the wax stains out of the fabric and you don’t have to laboriously scrape everything off the table with permanent quirks …

Tip: Instead of blotting paper, you can also use simple household paper!

4. Table runners protect expensive wooden surfaces!
Ouch, the great grandmother’s old mahogany table got another scratch? Protect your delicate wooden table against scratching and place a table runner in the middle. Everything that the tabletop does not necessarily tolerate can be placed here.

Tip: Even hot pots or casserole dishes can easily be placed on pads made of thick felt or several layers of fabric without attacking the wooden plate. Looks nicer than most trivets.

5. Table runners protect sensitive glass plates!
Do you prefer to sit at your glass table, but fear the first flaw? Most glass tables are built so massively and robust that you don’t need to worry about them. However, for your own peace of mind, you can make provision with a table runner. After all, you certainly don’t want to cover your glass table complete with a tablecloth, right?

Tip: You should put a protective layer of fabric between glass and glass. Just because of the annoying noises 

6. Table runners brighten the mood!
Your dining table and chairs are made of dark, almost black wood? And although the room is bright and friendly, do you sometimes find it a bit too gloomy at the table? Go ahead, put a cheerful table runner in the center and see the positive change! With decorations and flowers, you can make even the most massive and heaviest table a little more light!

Tip: Handicraftsmen can embroider quotes, “Bon appetit” or the names of family members on a simple cotton table runner in decorative letters.

7. Table runners are great protection for small children!
Well, as soon as a toddler sits at the table, parents tend to buy placemats made of cheap plastic. Certainly useful to easily eliminate Junior’s daily food battles, but not particularly nice. Another solution: Junior sits at the head of the table where the end of an easy-to-wash table runner is.

Tip: Of course, it doesn’t have to be a white lace table runner, one with patterns is better at covering up stains – until you put it in the washing machine for the umpteenth time. But be careful: You have to drive out the fun of pulling the table runner right at the beginning!

8. Table runners follow the style of the seasons!
A fur table runner? Yeah sure! Because the documents do not always have to be made of fabric. Runners made of cork, leather, bamboo, or flat stones are also possible. So you can decorate the table depending on the season and mood and at the same time use the decoration practically! And for all guests who don’t really like table runners, such a fancy table decoration might be the perfect alternative!

9. Table runners are less labor-intensive than tablecloths!
Do you hate ironing tablecloths? We understand that well. On the other hand, it is much easier to iron runners quickly! In no time at all, the linen fabrics are smooth and lie perfectly on the kitchen table. And they don’t take up as much space in the closet as huge tablecloths.

10. Table runners hide existing quirks!
You bought a great vintage table at the flea market, but unfortunately, it has a few rough flaws? No problem if you simply hide the worst parts with a table runner! The base does not have to be in the middle but can be moved as required, as shown here.

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